Guy of Gisborne in BBC’s Robin Hood

Foremost thanks to RAFrenzy, if she hadn’t kept at me for this, I probably wouldn’t have started this blog thingy ..

Finally; my top 10 list of Guy fanvids! The first 5 I had send in as nominations to Avalon’s blog for the FANstRAvaganza.

It is difficult to just pick one but it seems many agree it truly is a number ONE!

What makes these fanvids so fabulous is the fact that by pulling and editing clips together to music and the occasional use of audiotrack your perception of the characters portrayed in BBC’s Robin Hood becomes different or enhanced depending on the take of the vidder of each fanvid. The tone of a song sets a mood and if the song doesn’s speak to you there is no way of liking the subject matter. On the other hand sometimes the subject matter makes a song likeable!! LOL It explains a lot of the content on my iPod!!

I don’t think I’m done with my lists; there are too many sexy Guy vids, too many storyline vids; too many unknown vidders who then make this ONE brilliant vid!

Which vid stayed with you?

10. Another Story of Guy and Marian by Lady Steena; I’ve only discovered this vidder recently and love this black and white rendition and how she’s telling a story.


9. My skin by Heathra – such clever use of a clip audiobook recording in this story (Robin Hood’s the witchfinders)

8. This is your Life by Spikesbint – this song says all about Guy’s journey.

7. Shame Soul by Ethereal Sparkle – as I am a fan of Mazzy Star (similar sound) it wasn’t hard to fall for this one. There is a lot of Season 3 Guy in here too ..

6. You’ve Stolen our Hearts by Veritas and he sure DID!!

5. You were almost kind – Guy/Marian by Liisa – talks about the true authentic storyline in the series. Fantastic vidder with a HUGE Robin Hood fanvid collection

4. Love Lockdown by Sjoukje91 – here is an example of a story enhancement 😉

3. Blue Skies by Summersparkle – brilliant use of the mood AND the beat of a song!!

2. Obsession . Love . Death . by Vladivostok2009 – a very unusual song and doesn’t “fetish” sums up being a fangirl??? LOL or maybe that’s just me collecting fanvids ..

1. Amazing by DelicateBlossom was my second fanvideo download and as much as I tried to get away from this vid; the lyrics are too apt for this character! And the clips are most gloriously AMAZING!!


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13 responses to “Guy of Gisborne in BBC’s Robin Hood

  • servetus

    It’s nice to have you list your favorites — I don’t get much time to watch vids, so I am going to go down this list as I get time. I like the “Pokerface” video by Romana55 (I think it is …) as well as Avalon’s “Sadistically Sensual” one. I rewatch those a lot.

    • iz4blue/Fanny

      Thanks for stopping by! “Pokerface” by Delicate Blossom was heavily in rotation last Spring for us. It’s the reason my kids can sing-a-long to that as well as “Apologize” 😉
      I love that vid of Avalon a lot too and a bit sad it’s not available with better sound quality; the perfect song for it’s content 😉
      Which gives me the brilliant idea for making a wicked fanvid list!

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  • NovemberBride

    Well, I thought I had seen every GoG vid made…wrong. And wow, thanks for this. Just what I need. One more distraction. Aiiyiiiyii!

    • iz4blue/Fanny

      In that case; definitely don’t check the previous posts!! 😉 and don’t think there will be an end to the Guy vids there is a dungeon full of them on YT ..
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • phylly3

    Congratulations on your new blog!
    I am not surprised you have done this. Your Youtube channel is fabulous and you have such great taste in videos and fan fics too! I will enjoy your reviews!

    • iz4blue/Fanny

      Thanks! Elvira’s intro words of one of her vids keep popping in my head: “Move along, move along, nothing spectacular here .. ” or something like it .. 😉

      But it is a joy to showcase the talent out there.
      Some of these songs elicit an emotional response I didn’t dare mention on this post.

      As far as fic there is a wealth of treasure out there, and I haven’t read enough or been around long enough to qualify for your praises. But I did run into an interesting Guy short story I should forward to you.

  • Musa

    Thank you for posting all these wonderful vids. Several I hadn’t seen before. Thank you for doing this – helps me discover some great ones I haven’t seen, and the real artists among us.

    Very difficult choice, all wonderful really, but the two that I love are “My Skin” and “Amazing”. I love the song and “My Skin” for me fits perfectly the relationship between Guy and Marian. I always feel sad after I watch it thinking “what might have been”. “Amazing” is truly amazing and not only does it fit the bad boy part of Gisborne that RA managed to turn into a very human and tragic character, but also because Richard Armitage is amazing!

  • OneMoreLurker

    “… the lyrics are too apt for this character! ” Aren’t them? Sometimes I read that word realated to Guy (very often indeed 😉 ) and can’t help the tune of this song come to my mind.

    I like ‘Shame on the soul’ just as much as her ‘I’m stirred by you’ vid. ‘You’ve stolen our heart’ is another I like a lot too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    OML 🙂

    • iz4blue/Fanny

      Amazing hits it on the spot. If Be My Girl by Ethereal Sparkle hadn’t been blocked on YT since recently I would have featured it before her Shame Soul and I stirred is yet to be featured in my wicked list. But Shame Soul does hit a special spot.

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