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RA Blog re-union : still distracted in reality

It’s been a few years since I’ve done anything with this blog. I’m not a writer but more a reader and my wordpress blogging skills are rusty now. Here’s some of the trivial stuff I’ve been up to. Thank you to Nat for this #RABlogReunion that sparked this effort.

Kivanç as Behlul in Forbidden Love (2008-2010)

I owe Richard my love for audiobooks and I am lucky that I can listen to some of his new releases through my library’s growing audiobook collection either on the Libby or Hoopla app. I also aim to read the book before its adaptation comes to screen. Also, it was very gratifying that Normal People by Sally Rooney got an adaptation that did justice to the book.

Following British Drama is also something I thank Richard for. Sean Bean came in focus when Richard voices Lovelace in radio drama Clarissa. I had to look into Sean Bean’s early career starting with his portrayal as Lovelace in the 1991 BBC adaptation. I’ve followed Sean’s work since and am so pleased when he took on different roles such as Broken back in 2017 and recently in World On Fire which finished airing on PBS the other week.

My fellow and much better blogger Fabo bonded over our mutual love of RA & SB and we’ve been online friends ever since.

We also had that Hobbit press conference with a big bearded Aidan Turner sitting next to Richard which made me wander down his career. Then he was cast as Poldark. I made new friends through Poldark fandom as we followed the BBC broadcasts.

Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark
An addition to memorable RA blog post, ode to the Period Shirt ?

Going back to 2016 I’ve had the joy of meeting up with 3 other fans for Richard Armitage’s stage play Love, Love, Love. Fabo blogged about it back then. It was momentous to see him in the flesh after following him for 6 years but much more fun to see each other in person, I hope we can do it again.

This year I was lucky that a good friend got us tickets to see Tom Hiddleston in Betrayal. Together with Charlie Cox and Zawe Ashton it was an intimate and powerful play. We had great seats and the whole experience was thrilling.

However I mostly felt my fan girl days in general were over and done with.

Recently, I had North & South flashbacks when cotton mills and workers strikes were featured in series such as Netflix’s The English Game and Epix’s Belgravia where we even saw Margaret Hale’s dress re-used!

And If you haven’t seen The Mill, season 1 and season 2 are on YouTube. It’s also on Amazon Prime in the US

Then this fall I read that Turkish series Kurt Seyit ve Sura was about to leave Netflix end of December 2019 … I had heard the buzz from the Outlander fandom and was determined to see what it was about. Of course, now I wished I had listened to my friends sooner. I managed to binge watch the complete series – 46 episodes formatted for Netflix in 1hr. and made sure my friend Fabo saw it. That is what friends are for after all. 🙂 If only I had listened to Penny sooner!!

There are several reviews and Silver Petticoat ‘s contains mild spoilers and points out its strengths and weaknesses.

More info on Kivanç Tatlitug’s career can be found on Kivanc Tatlitug North America, currently celebrating it’s 3rd anniversary. It’s rather impressive what they have accomplished in introducing him to the English speaking world. Most of his series, even going back to his first role in Gümüs, can be found on YouTube however all are within the Turkish drama genre.

He starred in The Butterfly’s Dream, the official submission of Turkey to the Oscars 2014 of best foreign language film category. Still streaming on Netflix, it was the most expensive Turkish movie at the time.

One of the first striking images of Kurt Seyit
Those lucky snowflakes…

Have a cup of tea with Seyit and do inspect that collar 🙂

Behold a white period shirt. I really fell in love with those standup collared shirts. Sometimes there was a visible wingtip, other times it was hard to tell.

Kivanç Tatlituğ as Kurt Seyıt ın Kurt Seyıt ve Sura
Another entry for the Period Shirt compilation ?
Take note of the wing tip collar – I wasn’t only lost in those blue eyes … but be my guest 🙂

There is also a great train scene … here’s a video that promotes Kurt Seyit ve Sura for that reason …

I was blown away and fan girl mode kicked in. I had to see other works he had done. It’s obvious why, I am at heart a period drama lover though not exactly crazy about romance. I don’t seek it out in books nor tv series. I didn’t mean for this post to get so long winded. I may have become a fan of Kivanç I’m definitely not of Turkish drama. I think the stories are told too slow, there’s too much emotional revisiting of past scenes and the use of slow motion is overdone. They have beautiful scores but then some themes are overused and overbearing, particularly when things are about to go wrong in the plot which makes me often mute the sound. It’s as if we can’t be trusted to feel with the characters on the screen. I do appreciate how he emotes on screen, it is what he and other Turkish actors are known for. I don’t care for the melodrama in the plot however.

There are no official English subtitled releases except for Kurt Seyit ve Sura, The Butterfly’s Dream and Hadi Be Oglum (My Son) which is available on Amazon. So all the subtitled versions you can find online have imperfections. Turkish drama has a large following and you can find sites and groups dedicated to subtitling new episodes of current running series.

The quirky translations color the viewing experience and I often stumble upon what I call “accidental humor” due to errors. Once you watch enough you develop an inner translator, that corrects those typical mistakes such as use of wrong gender and pronouns. 🙂

A character compilation fan video that shows his various micro expressions.

Here’s a fan video of Ask-I Memnu, Forbidden Love (2008-2010) where he played Behlul – the classic series is currently being re-broadcast and is intensely discussed on social platforms.

However the consensus amongst his fans is his best role is as Kuzey, in Kuzey and Guney.

Kuzey walking the streets of Istanbul trying to stay ahead

Meanwhile his fans, me included, are waiting to hear what the future will bring. There’s a rumored role for a streaming platform but no further details. I’m still working my way through his series and I crossed the halfway mark of Carpisma a crime series, tonight Fabo and I will watch another episode. Each episode is over 2 hours long! Crazy!

Kadir Ali in Carpisma

Today this new picture collage came online though the shots were taken in 2018.

Kivanç guards his privacy and we haven’t seen any new pictures since early March

If you made it this far, I sometimes think of the days when we used to speculate over RA’s moves and what a relief it is to hear his voice and to see a silly picture every so often.

In the real world I do manage to adult. In fact I have to get back to sewing masks for a local donation project. My small family unit is well and I’m pleased to have another adult to take with us to the voting booth.

Phew – I think I figured out WordPress, as for what I wrote ….


Master of the Mill by Cate Toward – a retelling of North and South

As part of the celebration of North and South I am contributing my review of Master of the Mill by Cate Toward.

Caty and I had a chat awhile back discussing her take on Thornton.

I started reading this story when it was first serialized and the way she wrote Thornton had me visualizing Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.
When it was published last January I was able to read it all the way through and appreciate her take on the story.

We find ourselves at the beginning of this story in Northern Milton. Margaret has lost her mother, Mr. Hale his wife and they are in dire straits due to the loss of Mrs. Hale’s annuity. Nevertheless Margaret is determined to supplement their income instead of relying on relatives.  Mr. Bell had suggested Milton but left for the West Indies upon their arrival.


This is the North and South that will shock Mrs. Gaskell

“what are you doin’ here?”

This story has the infamous incident of The Master beating a worker portrayed in the 2004 BBC adaptation written by screen writer Sandy Welch presumably to advance the plot and make the instant dislike of Margaret clear. And of course Margaret challenges him, dislikes him instantly but recognizes an odd sensation she can’t place …

He looked like the Angel Gabriel, dressed in black, tall, commanding, powerful, ready.” from Ch 1


This is the North and South where Mr. Thornton isn’t a virgin nor a monk!

We meet Thornton in a liaison with Lydia Slickson, the renamed Ann Latimer from the adaptation, written in for plot purposes. Our master has found a way to blow off his stress 🙂

He looked critically at her evaluating the pleasure she offered against the time wasted away from his work.” Ch 2


This is the North and South where Margaret gets to work in the mill, … under cover 😉

Margaret decides it isn’t below her to find quarters amongst the mill workers and she becomes rapidly friends with Bessie as neighbor and companion. It’s Bessie who suggests it could be done for her to work without the master taking notice.

To get one over on a master, tis a fine joke. Provided ‘e don’t take offence if all is discovered.” Ch 4


This is the North and South where there is a ball!

A ball!! Who doesn’t love a ball?



You dance well, sir” He laughed, raised an eyebrow and leaned in to her, whispering, “I have not stood upon your toes yet, I count that a small victory against nature.” Ch 9



This is the North and South where we have intrigue!


Because I don’t want to be any more spoilery you’ll have to read it but I thought it a clever even if familiar twist.

What makes this a fun read, is when the imagery of the adaptation comes in my mind. I certainly recognize some scenes and lines but sometimes the context is different.

Caty’s authentic use of the workers dialect gives the story weight. I only wished we had more back story in setting up Thornton differently as most of us know him or making Margaret’s circumstances slightly more believable.

I encourage you to follow Caty’s writing adventures on Wattpad , her current work in progress, While Christ and His Angels Slept, a Sparrow Sang.  Occasionally she tweets as well.

While Christ and His Angels Slept, a Sparrow Sang.

I hope one day she will publish Ricky Deeming’s story The Road

Fall into Splendour or collective ReAding

“Five hundred years after he died on the field of battle, Richard is still a figure of controversy and his story still fascinates and casts a spell. Betrayed in life by his allies, Richard was betrayed in death by history. Leaving no heir, his reputation was like his corps: left to his enemies, mutilated beyond recognition.

Filled with the sights and sounds of battle, the customs and lore of daily life, the rigors and risks of Court politics, the passions and infidelities of the high-born, and the touching concerns of very real men and women, The Sunne in Splendour brings to life this gifted man whose greatest sin, perhaps, was that he held principles too firm for the times he lived in and loved too deeply to survive love’s loss.” thus ends the jacket of the book.

The Sunne in Splendour is one of those epic novels the size of a dictionary and I bought the e-book about two years ago after I read the Vulpes Libris interview.

Given that historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, the fact that I’ve started it more than once without finishing it, is no reflection of the book but rather of mine, noticable in my blog title 🙂

Richard III has been on our minds with King Richard Week behind us and the current Greyfriars Project in Leicester, UK.

I hope everyone has signed the petition in support of Richard Armitage’s effort of exploring a more historically accurate portrayal of King Richard III of England.

Heidi proposed the idea to read it all together using the #ArmitageWatch concept, how could I resist!

Richard III Bloggers will be cheering us on with fun activities

If you blog; consider yourself invited to post your thoughts & host those readers who connect via blogs.

We can do this!!

In hopes of making an enjoyable reading experience, I carefully pondered a schedule that would allow for progress in a timely manner with breaks for Thanksgiving (1 wk) and the Holiday’s (2 wks) allowing time for family obligations or catch up time for those who need it.

The end result is 5 chapters a week which brings our last discussion on Sunday February 24th!

The first 5 chapters contain the most pages; 80, the remainder are around 60 pg of reading per week, 10 pg a day give or take.

This requires a commitment but a very attainable one and I hope discussion will prove to be a motivator.

I for one will certainly use it as such. 🙂

Twice in the middle of the book and back to back we’ll read 6 chapters, because of reduces chapter sizes, both are carefully indicated on the list and calendar.

For those in need of specific meeting time to chat with regards to the book, watch ArmitageWatch Blogspot

For those on Facebook : chapters will also be posted on The Institute of Armitage Studies

The King Richard Armitage site will also keep people updated

Most of the fun will happen on twitter be sure to use #RA4R3 when posting any comments during the week.

To be fair we should refrain from spoilers until the Sunday after (whenever its Sunday in your timezone)

If unfamiliar with twitter more info here

Join many ReAders this Fall with The Sunne into Splendour


Sept 23rd : Chapters 1 + 5 of Book One : Edward

Sept 30th : Chapters 6 + 10

Oct 7th : Chapters 11 + 15

Oct 14th : Chapters 16 + 20

Oct 21st : Chapters 21 + 25

Oct 28th : Chapters 26 + 30

Nov 4th : Chapters 31 + 3 of Book Two : Anne

Nov 11th : Chapters 4 + 8

Nov 18th : Chapters 9 + 13

break for Thanksgiving

Don’t forget to eat and drink!

Dec 2nd : Chapters 14 + 4 of Book Three : Lord Of The North

Dec 9th : Chapters 5 + 9

Dec 16th : Chapters 10 + 15 : YES : 6 chapters

break for the Holidays

Read, Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Jan 6th : Chapters 16 + 21 : YES : 6 chapters

Jan 13th : Chapters 1 + 5 of Book Four : “Richard, By The Grace Of God…”

Jan 20th : Chapters 6 + 10

Jan 27th : Chapters 11 + 15

Feb 3rd : Chapters 16 + 20

Feb 10th : Chapters 21 + 25

Feb 17th : Chapters 26 + 32 HOMERUN

Feb 24th : Last discussion

Take a bite and you’ll get a virtual kiss from RA

Feel free to ask questions!

Global Armitage Watching or moRA is better!

North and South promo picture

So the North and South watch is behind us and I think we can call it a success thanks to excellent moderating skills of @ArmitageWatch no doubt we started a yearly tradition, hopefully if you missed it this year you can catch it next year or you can join us for future watching.

This whole idea came out of a conversation on twitter and since, this mantra occasionally pops into my cRAzy head:


a modified quote from Field of Dreams 🙂

I hope you find the opportunity to join any of the coming RAwatches! Check out the Armitage Watch Calendar, look for a time that suits you and if uncertain how we go about: check this out. Note: take advantage of the Google feature to import each calendar into your personal one. For your convenience you can follow and LIKE our posts on Facebook

In case the word watch throws you off a bit I included the listed definition:

watch ———>>>

verb (used without object)

1. to be alertly on the lookout, look attentively, or observe, as to see what comes, is done, or happens: to watch while an experiment is performed.
2. to look or wait attentively and expectantly (usually followed by for ): to watch for a signal; to watch for an opportunity.
3. to be careful or cautious: Watch when you cross the street.
4. to keep awake, especially for a purpose; remain vigilant, asfor protection or safekeeping: to watch with a sick person.
5. to keep vigil, as for devotional purposes.
6. to keep guard: She was assigned to watch at the door.


Fridays I’ll be looking forward to #GuyWatch : 2 episodes every friday starting on the hour.

Once Spooks has finished in the fall #GuyWatch will double up ; meaning 2 episodes each Friday AND Saturday!

Guy of Gisborne

Saturdays we have #LucasWatch : meaning Spooks from Season 7 down to the 9 : 2 episodes each Saturday.

Lucas North

But that is not all we plan to have more weekend events: if you check out the calendar they are already there:  #HarryWatch #MonetWatch and more!!

Please spReAd the news and join the FUN!

I have a dReAm…about a date with a cravat and a kiss

So you’ve seen a show on tv and talked to your friends about it.

You’ve seen a movie and couldn’t stop talking about it after.

Then you find yourself like a certain ActoR in a certain role and HAVE to find people who feel the same way about it.

Then you must catch up on the things he’s done in the past OR most likely you came upon him because of a role he’s done in the past.

So say hello to Mr. Thornton ….

you can keep your hat on..

note: I was tempted to post other pictures but why spoil it for those who haven’t seen it.

So I propose … One weekend in June: Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd,

a global North and South watch.

This is overdue for US primetime since it’s only aired once on A&E EDIT: BBC America regardless of the appeal to PBS, including a facebook campaign.

I think we’ve been deprived!

I’m aware MANY have found themselves involuntary watching (links contain spoilers)  all four episodes back to back till the wee hours or after watching N&S the first time, went straight to the beginning and rewatched it. Than watched again the next day. Then the next.

A couple of rules might help everyone along the way. We are pretending the show is starting on the dot; so set your clocks. It will be impossible to count down or for everyone to be exactly at the same spot.

I thought about this a lot, I wish I could have talked it over a lot more since we’re dealing with four episodes.

For that reason I’m suggesting the watch at the specific times, those who choose to view all 4 in one go could, those who choose to do 2 per night can as well.

So to keep at least this post simple I”m posting the US prime times:

(my plan is to post a multiple timegrids for Europe, UK, US for instance I’ve done a Persuasion watch with Europe in the afternoon when it was evening there)

US Prime time:

Friday June 1st

EDT:  8pm : ep 1          PDT: 6pm: ep 1

EDT:  9pm:  ep 2          PDT: 7pm: ep 2

EDT: 10pm : ep 3        PDT: 8pm: ep 3

EDT: 11pm : ep 4         PDT: 9pm: ep 4

Saturday June 2nd

EDT: 6pm: ep 1           PDT: 4pm: ep 1

EDT: 7pm: ep 2          PDT: 5pm: ep 2

EDT: 8pm: ep 3          PDT: 6pm: ep 3

EDT: 9pm: ep4           PDT: 7pm: ep 4



Saturday June 2nd

EST: 8pm :  ep 1           US EDT: 6am : ep 1       UK BST : 11 am : ep 1

EST: 9pm :  ep 2           US EDT: 7am : ep 2      UK BST : 12 pm : ep 2

EST: 10pm: ep 3           US EDT: 8am : ep 3      UK BST :  1 pm :  ep 3

EST: 11pm:  ep 4           US EDT: 9am : ep 4      UK BST :  2 pm : ep 4

Sunday June 3rd

EST: 6pm : ep 1           US EDT: 4am : ep 1       UK BST : 9am : ep 1

EST: 7pm : ep 2           US EDT: 5am : ep 2       UK BST :10am: ep 2

EST: 8pm : ep 3           US EDT: 6am : ep 3       UK BST: 11am: ep 3

EST: 9pm : ep 4           US EDT: 7am: ep 4         UK BST: 12pm:ep 4

For the UK  and Europe I’m suggesting Sat and Sun eve so friends (from the US) who want to connect and share the experience with them could view in the afternoon. I’m working on my sisters to get together 🙂

A dedicated blog and twitter account has been established: 

EDIT : the Facebook page went LIVE

This is my peddle in the ocean, be on the look out for the ripples in the pond 🙂

Meanwhile SAVE the date!

FanstRA day 6: Coffee with Womblingfree

Coffee with Womblingfree

I spotted Womblingfree on twitter via mutual friends much later after Spooks S9 aired and of course a new RA aka Richard Armitage writer on Wattpad had my fanfic feelers right away on alert. There are so many RA character based stories on Wattpad now I can’t keep up but I know there always is something to look forward to. I finally had a chance to read something by her when she posted Santa’s New Toy this past holiday season.

Fanny: What character did you meet first, but first how do you like your coffee?

Womblingfree: How do I like my coffee? Plentiful – I drink far too much of the stuff but am quite boring – white, no sugar!

First character I met – Harry Kennedy, and I thought “Mmmm, maybe…” I remember seeing ads for Robin Hood & Strikeback and thinking “Must watch that” but never getting round to it. Then Series 9 of Spooks started and I began to see the light!

phew! I didn’t bump my head!

Fanny: Yes, I did not see the light right away when I caught the first Season of Robin Hood on BBCA . That is quite a gap of time there between airing of Robin Hood or did you caught those adds for Season 3 perhaps? Did you also realize the same actor was in them?

Womblingfree: Yes – I realised it was him. He was kind of vaguely on my radar but not quite getting to ‘crush level’ for a few years. Then S9 Spooks started and I stumbled across a thread about him on a chat forum and after a few days of chat, reading interviews and lots of YouTube viewing l realised I had regressed to be about 13 again : )

Guess again who I am!

Fanny: Oh wow S9, you must have been in a mad rush catching up on Spooks S7 & 8 ! I know about the regressing – I’ve named it “aging in reverse” 😀

So would it be fair to summarize you got caught in the mad fan rush of anticipating what was to happen with Lucas? Is your screen name “womblingfree” a representation of Armitage Mania impact? 🙂

Womblingfree: I’d watched series 7 & 8 as well but for some reason, although I liked the character and RA’s acting I just didn’t get ‘that‘ feeling. I think the Russian dialogue in the first episode of S9, and perhaps the slightly ‘hunkier’ look in the wake of Strikeback might have tipped the balance a bit!

No, I’m not John Porter as Lucas under cover, I just borrowed his jacket

Womblingfree is my name by default really. It was a name I used on another site a couple of years ago so I used it for Twitter too and then it came with me when I signed up on Wattpad! (twitter log in feature on Wattpad)

..as for mad rush to catch up – the only other thing I’d seen him in was the Vicar of Dibley at that point – I really should have shares in Amazon now!

Fanny: The anticipation of Spooks S9 got me engaging on twitter with other fans – like you via an account I had made for another fandom as a way to follow updates. Lucas S9 character brought out a lot of feelings in the fans: Season 9 had him featured more and attempted to show more of the man behind the mask. Did you discover his character in Strike Back stirred similar feelings, since there is a similar contrast between physical strength versus emotional strength? Or perhaps a conflict about choices and decisions?

Womblingfree: Although their jobs are similar I’ve always felt that as men Lucas and Porter are very different characters. I like to think that Lucas/Bateman was not a bad man, but inherently weak, hence the Dakar situation and making a series a wrong choices from then onwards. I guessed the outcome a few episodes before the end of the series so although I was a bit deflated, I wasn’t too surprised.

my bloody nose is itching!

I had much stronger feelings about the demise of John Porter. I think there was so much potential to develop him further, and even though they couldn’t do that without Richard on board, to just kill him off as quickly as possible without tying up so many of the loose ends from Series One I felt was a real disservice both to Chris Ryan’s character and to Richard’s fantastic portrayal of him in the first series.

I only watched the first 40 minutes of Project Dawn and was thoroughly hacked off for a good couple of weeks afterwards, to be honest.

I may go backwards at some point and write my own version of what happened after Series One – I have an idea in mind but it’s on the back-burner at the moment.

Fanny: Oh that idea sounds good – let me know if I can help turn that burner on 😉 a little JP picture perhaps?? I think about Lucas/Bateman the same way – inherently weak – Hence I enjoy reading fanfiction keeping those characters alive – same for Porter : I happily live in denial of their demise.

Womblingfree give me a juicy ending! I’ll do whatever it takes!

Womblingfree: I haven’t really read any Lucas fanfic apart from The Gruinard Project, and haven’t felt inspired to write any either which is strange I suppose as it was ‘him’ that got me hooked.
I was just reading your blog about Lords of the North – it really is brilliant isn’t it? I’ve almost finished the first book in the series and was talking to a friend today about writing a short Uhtred fanfic at some point.

Wallpaper by Vivayn

Fanny: That is a fellow blogger who’s post I tweeted : yes Lords of the North is brilliant, even more your idea to write a short fic. I have to confess to harbor a wish for Monet fanfic – now that’s a crazy notion 😀

I have 2 more questions I’m asking everyone: what’s your preferred mode of writing: Pen & Paper or word processing
What’s your preferred time of writing?

Womblingfree: I use my laptop, although I’ve always got a couple of notepads or folders to hand where I can make notes or sketch a rough draft if for any reason using the computer isn’t possible.

I tend to write late at night, as with a job & a family to factor it is tricky, particularly as I have to be on my own to write. I was lucky to be able to rearrange my working hours last year though, so now I have a day ‘home alone’ during the week. I try and get the household chores out of the way so I can use it for writing if I’m working on a specific project.

Fanny:Thanks for having a chat with me and wishing you lots of inspiRAtion!

Saturday, March 17th

It’s almost over, oh noes! In fandom, Phylly3celebrates her second blogiversary! In the Hobbitchain, Antonia Romera compares trailers for An Unexpected Journey in three languages CDoart‘s the King Richard Armitage blogger, writing on the relevance of the character in times of questionable justice In fanfic, Jo Ann finishes her story fedoralady traces the evolution of her “sloth fic” series In freeform, Gratiana Lovelacerescreens her Armitage birthday vid Fabo casts Armitage in Hollywood musical remakes C.S. Winchester takes on Armitage in period costumes from N&S and Miss Marie Lloyd Links to all FanstRA 3 posts appear here at the end of each day

FanstRA day 5 : Coffee with LadyBrandon23

Coffee with LadyBrandon23:

For the 5th day I had a chat with LadyBrandon23 who assures me to use her given name Emma or Emms which seems to be a nickname that is sticking

We must have met around the same time like Jule and Bee on twitter and one day we fell into conversation about a Lost in Gaskell version.

Fanny: With a chat one must have a drink 🙂 so, do you prefer coffee or tea in the morning?

I remember us joking about your Lost in Gaskell story on twitter so I’m guessing North & South was where you first met Mr. Armitage?

Emma: I need coffee with my job, training to be teacher as it helps me get through my day. Yes, I met Richard through north and south. Somehow the man had an effect on me, when watching his proposal to Daniella; it was so passionate and his eyes … I was a gonna lol

I must remember to bring my gloves, I must remember to bring my gloves, ..

Continue reading

FanstRA day 4: Coffee with Yelloweeee

Coffee with Yelloweeee

And today I’m chatting with a writer who shares a taste for coffee and whose enthusiasm jumps off the page 🙂

Yelloweeee: Hey. I remember all the various fun graphics blogs and fanfic marathons from last March, and even though I didn’t take much part in them, I enjoyed reading/looking at them!

Fanny: I’m about to finish my last drop of coffee 🙂 How do you like your coffee?
I clearly remember reading your touching short story My John. Was Thornton your first Richard Armitage character on screen?

Yelloweeee: I like coffee milky and warm but with a lot of flavour! It’s a great way to wake yourself up or wind down!

Thanks for your comment on “My John”, i am glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, Thornton was my first, and I have to say I hadn’t heard of RA before that. But as those four episodes played away on my screen, I slowly became caught up with his voice, his facial expressions, and he was getting handsomer by the hour!

Those ladies sure can write about me!

Fanny: Ive taken to Hazelnut coffee which can vary much by each brand in flavor. On occasion I even love the exotic flavors of chai!

You say Handsomer by the hour? LOL were you still breathing by the end?

Is this story your first foray in fanfiction?

Yelloweeee: My favourite coffee flavour is vanilla. I had it the other day with some extra cinamon…..that’s nice!!

And yes he seemed to grow on me a lot during the four episodes. When we first see him standing in the mill, looking way too serious, he didn’t seem that good looking, but then we get know him more and the reason for his attitude towards his workers, and you start to respect him. And then you see the good in his heart, and just how hard his life has been, and then he starts to fall in love and you are rooting for him just as much as he is. And then he gets rejected and your heart breaks with him, and then he is really down and……you get the picture!! LOL

Shall I stay or shall I go, will she have me or won’t she

I think by that last scene I was amazed at how gentle and caring he was with her, which was probably the icing on the cake, if you know what I mean. So after that I wanted to find out f there was anything else this really good actor had done, and hey presto!!

“My John” was the first ever time I had written something remotely fan-ficcy. Then “Milton’s Master” wasn’t far behind that. I had read various bits of fanfic on the net. C19 and the IMDB North and South boards . There was something I read that was really different. A short story about a situation where Margaret has died and John has a daughter he calls after her. And I thought “I want to write something along those lines.” So I did!

Yes, Fanny I love your purple dress!!! It’s such an enticing color, hope Margaret has some in her hope chest…

Fanny: Love Vanilla as a flavor & scent I might have to try that WITH the cinnamon and then of course top it off with whipped cream 🙂

So if your John story was a first fic thing am I to understand you are comfortable writing prose?

That story you mention sounds good! I would love to link to that. It’s fascinating how people can elaborate on a character and storyline in surprising ways sometimes.

Yelloweeee: Yup you should try it 🙂

Am I comfortable with writing prose? To be honest, it kinda just comes out when I sit down to write, so I suppose I only write things when I am comfortable anyways.

The link to the story I was telling you about is here

You probably recognise the author.

Fanny: Haha yes I certainly do! And have added her too my favorites on fanfiction 🙂 but really it can’t be that simple to sitting down and getting comfortable? Here a chair … Get comfortable 🙂 what pic gets you going?? 😉 we do need an illustration ..


Chocolateismydrug is great isn’t she? I love her stories!

Ok, maybe there is some more thinking involved than just getting comfy in chair and typing away! There is no picture in specific that inspires me, to be honest. It would usually be an idea of a scenario that comes into my head. I would elaborate on it in my head, and sometimes write a plan down. So once I have sat down to write, I already know what I want to happen in the chapter.

There is a fave pic I have of Thornton tho which is from the tea scene

Yelloweeee come back to me!

Fanny: Love that picture! You since started writing other RA character stories. I was wondering if there was a difference in writing another RA character.

Yelloweeee: Depends What you mean by difference? If you mean how I approach the writing then no, no difference. I would still think up a scenario and write it. Of course the characters themselves are different, and react in different ways to things, and the language they use will be different. Between John and Lucas, for example, there is a difference in them in my stories. With finding each characters voices, I think each one has a special place for me, if you know what I mean, so each one means something in the story I’m writing. It makes the visualization of them easier

Fanny: I have 2 more questions I’m asking everyone: what’s your preferred mode of writing: Pen & Paper or wordprocessing. What is your preferred time of writing?

Yelloweeee: When I’m writing it’s mostly typing on Word, but there were a few times when I hand wrote it first.

I can only really write when I’m not disturbed, so in the night is the best, when the rest of the house is asleep!

Fanny: I loved our little chat, thanks!

Disclaimer: all picture captions by John Thornton

There is plenty more fun to be had in the FanstRA tagteams!

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FanstRA day 3: Tea with StelladelNord

Tea with StelladelNord

My next chat is with StelladelNord previously PoeticHeart, a very creative spirit. She is perhaps just as enigmatic as Lucas and I mean that in the best sense 🙂 her creativity can’t be contained. When I requested if she’d like to have a little chat her username; PoeticHeart shortly after switch back to an old favorite StelladelNord. Like Jule we met on twitter around the same time and I have a hard time keeping up with all her writing. She was so kind to take the time for a virtual chat over tea and assures me to use her nickname Bee.

I should note that fall 2011 she published her poetry on Amazon US and Amazon UK

Fanny: what drew you to Richard Armitage or RA, as we like to call him and what made you want to write, or in your case move to prose versus poetry 🙂
Bee: *smiles* Mine was simple…. I wrote my first fic based on a nightmare, Chloe was me and Lucas… well Lucas was a man I couldn’t see. 🙂
Fanny: And how do you like your coffee or is it tea?
Bee: I take my tea black no sugar 😉
Fanny:.. I’ll make myself a cuppa Rooibos – when I do have tea I tend to go herbal 🙂 You write mainly about Lucas – Writing comes fairly natural to you it seems like a release. How do you fit it in your shedule? What prompted you to post your stories on Wattpad.

Bee:  No, couldn’t write Thornton, I do mainly write Lucas North and of course the delightful Chloe. I found myself exploring another side of Lucas, the man who had a vulnerable side, a heart that beat for love and passion and need, there had to be more to the man that what was shown to us care of KUDOS and the BBC, they had created a complex man but only gave us one side of him, the side that was hiding from the pain he’d experienced from Russian, from Elizabeta… everything.

I fit my writing in much to the detriment of my sleep from around 2am onwards… I’m cursed, once I start, I don’t want to stop.

A friend told me about Wattpad – I’d originally posted on fanfiction but had problems with the actual account.

this story must be written or I won’t catch my ZZzzzzzz

Fanny:  It’s a common thing for creative spirits to work late at night – I believe the stillness of the night stimulates the creativity – so its not that you already suffer from insomnia ..

I’ve also wondered whether your role playing with Lucas North on twitter feeds into your story development.

Bee: I have no choice but to do it then, I’ve got two children and other commitments that keep me very busy.

No, the role play didn’t really contribute … although now Chloe is on twitter.

I’ve been searching for her voice to work on Let The Rain Fall Down“. a story which I love but gives my creativity some hard work.

Fanny: With such a curse when bedtime stories come around you must fall asleep while reading! Hopefully you still nap along with the offspring once in awhile!

Is there an image of Lucas that  inspires you the most?

Bee: I will find the pic, well there are two…. and now it seems I’m writing Sir Guy 🙂

Fanny:  Amazing!! did he come in a dream too?

Bee: Actually, he came because I created a female character on twitter: Gwen Verrall to go against/with Guy and the story kinda appeared in my head.

Fanny: Can I presume you had seen Robin Hood before Spooks?

Bee: Actually no, funny story: I tried to watch it – made it through the first two episodes but the arrow shooting through to tell you locations drove me mental with the noise. I still have to see it completely. Does that make me bad, that I write a character I really don’t know that well?

Let’s make those wenches jump off their coaches!

Fanny: Oh I know they often scare the heck out of me!! Not bad, fascinating actually and you’re not the first to do that.

Bee: Oh FYI… I have a twitter account specifically for writing… its @_StelladelNord_ so if you want to know something catch me there too..

Fanny: (then I notice she had changed her username on Wattpad) For the duration of FanstRA who will you be for the sake of the readers ?

Bee: StelladelNord: Not changing, it has been a name that meant a lot to me ‘Star of the North’ due to my writing about Lucas and also where I come from, I’m a Northern girl in the UK.

Fanny: love the name too! Love Latin!! (now I’m singing “Life in a northern town” 🙂 i thought it would be neat to link to your Tales of Sherwood blog – it seems fanfiction in motion or am I mistaken.

Bee: It will be…. it was the person who writes Guy on twitter‘s idea. We’re working on the concept of making RP/writing/blogging all interactive.

Fanny: Thanks for having tea with me!  I have 2 more questions I’m asking everyone: what’s your preferred mode of writing: Pen & Paper or word processing.  What’s your preferred time of writing?

Bee: For poetry I use pen and paper 99% of  the time and word processing for prose.  My preferred time of writing is from 1 am GMT onwards because it’s quiet.

Fanny: I recall you & Juliet collaborated on a Lucas fanvid & would love to mention it too – I’m sure I’ve got it in my library – just can’t recall the name at the moment

Bee: Juliet and I? Yeah there are two… I wrote the poem in the 1st video about 3 weeks beforehand. It was supposed to be a one off certainly not for that vid!

Lucas North/John Bateman “In Pieces”


Lucas North “The Water”

I’m in awe of the creativity around here! Thanks for visiting, if you can still think after so much RA goodness go check out the other FanstRA contributors!

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F3 brightens up “hump day”! In fanfic, Maria Grazia presents an interview with Trudy Brasure and giveaway of her book, A Heart for Milton C.S. Winchester helps new authors get their feet wet writing fanfic In freeform, ChrisB continues the alphabet with “B is for Beard(?)? jazzbaby1puts John Porter in the hands of Frank Spotnitz Agzy outs Armitage characters as dog lovers In fandom, fedoralady recommends the right tunes for your Armitage fanvid In the Hobbit,IngeD3 reveals the deeper meaning of the dwarfs’ hoods Ana Cris reflects on Armitage and Maori ceremony In King Richard Armitage, Fabo offers some choices to play Anne Neville Links to all FanstRA 3 posts appear here at the end of each day

FanstRA day 1: My top AU/Crossover fanvideos

Happy FanstRAvaganza!! Sit down and relax! warning: NSFW : Richard Armitage in motion!

I’m picking up a thread from last year when encouraged by Frenz who’s fanvid love I share. It was a last minute thing, I noticed one or two are not even up on YouTube any longer, neither is one I wanted to include today. I’d like to update those but likely won’t have time by this posting!

For those not familiar with the fanfiction term AU: is short for Alternate Universe.

Crossover perhaps describes it better; it simply is picking fictional characters from different “universes” or settings and putting them together. But I DO promise NO slash in these listings. (My favorite is no longer listed on YouTube)

Enjoy !

One could argue that so many Guy of Gisborne and Lucas North videos are AU fanvideos as they choose different endings than the original characters.

Its with much gratitude and admiration I link to these talented vidders, hopefully you find a moment to hit thumbs UP

7. 19bt80 : The evolution of Sir Guy : this expresses what we are in anticipation for!

6. TheTeucner : Evil – Sheriff/Guy of Gisborne/Marian : not for the faint-hearted but for Sheriff lovers 😉

5. Blackcousins4life : Crossover (Guy/Marian/Henry/Anne) – Fight for Glory : Guy kills again but someone else!

4. MissDaydreamer101 : Someone Like You : I only came recently upon this pairing & i can’t help wondering how Arthur’s looks would have changed the dynamics in Robin Hood tremendously!

3: Georgette : Wait for me & I’ll be back (Guy & Marian in XXI) : a brilliant told story!

2: Fairykingdom86 : Soulmates Never Die : my first AU fanvid; the song a perfect match to the scenes

1: Summersparkle :

LOVE her style!! It was hard picking ONE : first I was so sure this was #1: I mean he IS all we need at times? 😉 or this : he would make us “Howl” 🙂 but who can deny Adam Lambert as a PERFECT singing voice for Guy: here “For your entertainment” 🙂

Too Rough for You – Anne & Guy :

Do you have any favorites? Feel free to add in the commentary & don’t forget to enjoy any, all of the blogtagteamers!

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In the beginning, Richard Armitage made scores of fans — and he keeps on making them! To kick off the fandom chain, Didion converts friends to Armitage love Phylly3 reports on her fandom experiences In the Hobbit chain, Ana Cris writes on her recent film location visit Mrs. E.B. Darcy speculates about what our hero will do in An Unexpected Journey (spoilers!) King Richard Armitage chain begins with Maria Grazia on a film adaptation of Richard III Beginning the fanfic chain, fedoralady explains fanfic’s mainstream appeal  In the freeform chain, Fabo files an eyewitness report on Richard Armitage’s visit to U.S. accent school jazzbaby1 wonders “what were they thinking?” re: Lucas North’s women and ChrisB opens the Armitage Alphabet, with “A is for Action” Links to all FanstRA 3 posts appear here at the end of each day