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Global Armitage Watching or moRA is better!

North and South promo picture

So the North and South watch is behind us and I think we can call it a success thanks to excellent moderating skills of @ArmitageWatch no doubt we started a yearly tradition, hopefully if you missed it this year you can catch it next year or you can join us for future watching.

This whole idea came out of a conversation on twitter and since, this mantra occasionally pops into my cRAzy head:


a modified quote from Field of Dreams 🙂

I hope you find the opportunity to join any of the coming RAwatches! Check out the Armitage Watch Calendar, look for a time that suits you and if uncertain how we go about: check this out. Note: take advantage of the Google feature to import each calendar into your personal one. For your convenience you can follow and LIKE our posts on Facebook

In case the word watch throws you off a bit I included the listed definition:

watch ———>>>

verb (used without object)

1. to be alertly on the lookout, look attentively, or observe, as to see what comes, is done, or happens: to watch while an experiment is performed.
2. to look or wait attentively and expectantly (usually followed by for ): to watch for a signal; to watch for an opportunity.
3. to be careful or cautious: Watch when you cross the street.
4. to keep awake, especially for a purpose; remain vigilant, asfor protection or safekeeping: to watch with a sick person.
5. to keep vigil, as for devotional purposes.
6. to keep guard: She was assigned to watch at the door.


Fridays I’ll be looking forward to #GuyWatch : 2 episodes every friday starting on the hour.

Once Spooks has finished in the fall #GuyWatch will double up ; meaning 2 episodes each Friday AND Saturday!

Guy of Gisborne

Saturdays we have #LucasWatch : meaning Spooks from Season 7 down to the 9 : 2 episodes each Saturday.

Lucas North

But that is not all we plan to have more weekend events: if you check out the calendar they are already there:  #HarryWatch #MonetWatch and more!!

Please spReAd the news and join the FUN!


FanstRA day 5 : Coffee with LadyBrandon23

Coffee with LadyBrandon23:

For the 5th day I had a chat with LadyBrandon23 who assures me to use her given name Emma or Emms which seems to be a nickname that is sticking

We must have met around the same time like Jule and Bee on twitter and one day we fell into conversation about a Lost in Gaskell version.

Fanny: With a chat one must have a drink 🙂 so, do you prefer coffee or tea in the morning?

I remember us joking about your Lost in Gaskell story on twitter so I’m guessing North & South was where you first met Mr. Armitage?

Emma: I need coffee with my job, training to be teacher as it helps me get through my day. Yes, I met Richard through north and south. Somehow the man had an effect on me, when watching his proposal to Daniella; it was so passionate and his eyes … I was a gonna lol

I must remember to bring my gloves, I must remember to bring my gloves, ..

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FanstRA day 3: Tea with StelladelNord

Tea with StelladelNord

My next chat is with StelladelNord previously PoeticHeart, a very creative spirit. She is perhaps just as enigmatic as Lucas and I mean that in the best sense 🙂 her creativity can’t be contained. When I requested if she’d like to have a little chat her username; PoeticHeart shortly after switch back to an old favorite StelladelNord. Like Jule we met on twitter around the same time and I have a hard time keeping up with all her writing. She was so kind to take the time for a virtual chat over tea and assures me to use her nickname Bee.

I should note that fall 2011 she published her poetry on Amazon US and Amazon UK

Fanny: what drew you to Richard Armitage or RA, as we like to call him and what made you want to write, or in your case move to prose versus poetry 🙂
Bee: *smiles* Mine was simple…. I wrote my first fic based on a nightmare, Chloe was me and Lucas… well Lucas was a man I couldn’t see. 🙂
Fanny: And how do you like your coffee or is it tea?
Bee: I take my tea black no sugar 😉
Fanny:.. I’ll make myself a cuppa Rooibos – when I do have tea I tend to go herbal 🙂 You write mainly about Lucas – Writing comes fairly natural to you it seems like a release. How do you fit it in your shedule? What prompted you to post your stories on Wattpad.

Bee:  No, couldn’t write Thornton, I do mainly write Lucas North and of course the delightful Chloe. I found myself exploring another side of Lucas, the man who had a vulnerable side, a heart that beat for love and passion and need, there had to be more to the man that what was shown to us care of KUDOS and the BBC, they had created a complex man but only gave us one side of him, the side that was hiding from the pain he’d experienced from Russian, from Elizabeta… everything.

I fit my writing in much to the detriment of my sleep from around 2am onwards… I’m cursed, once I start, I don’t want to stop.

A friend told me about Wattpad – I’d originally posted on fanfiction but had problems with the actual account.

this story must be written or I won’t catch my ZZzzzzzz

Fanny:  It’s a common thing for creative spirits to work late at night – I believe the stillness of the night stimulates the creativity – so its not that you already suffer from insomnia ..

I’ve also wondered whether your role playing with Lucas North on twitter feeds into your story development.

Bee: I have no choice but to do it then, I’ve got two children and other commitments that keep me very busy.

No, the role play didn’t really contribute … although now Chloe is on twitter.

I’ve been searching for her voice to work on Let The Rain Fall Down“. a story which I love but gives my creativity some hard work.

Fanny: With such a curse when bedtime stories come around you must fall asleep while reading! Hopefully you still nap along with the offspring once in awhile!

Is there an image of Lucas that  inspires you the most?

Bee: I will find the pic, well there are two…. and now it seems I’m writing Sir Guy 🙂

Fanny:  Amazing!! did he come in a dream too?

Bee: Actually, he came because I created a female character on twitter: Gwen Verrall to go against/with Guy and the story kinda appeared in my head.

Fanny: Can I presume you had seen Robin Hood before Spooks?

Bee: Actually no, funny story: I tried to watch it – made it through the first two episodes but the arrow shooting through to tell you locations drove me mental with the noise. I still have to see it completely. Does that make me bad, that I write a character I really don’t know that well?

Let’s make those wenches jump off their coaches!

Fanny: Oh I know they often scare the heck out of me!! Not bad, fascinating actually and you’re not the first to do that.

Bee: Oh FYI… I have a twitter account specifically for writing… its @_StelladelNord_ so if you want to know something catch me there too..

Fanny: (then I notice she had changed her username on Wattpad) For the duration of FanstRA who will you be for the sake of the readers ?

Bee: StelladelNord: Not changing, it has been a name that meant a lot to me ‘Star of the North’ due to my writing about Lucas and also where I come from, I’m a Northern girl in the UK.

Fanny: love the name too! Love Latin!! (now I’m singing “Life in a northern town” 🙂 i thought it would be neat to link to your Tales of Sherwood blog – it seems fanfiction in motion or am I mistaken.

Bee: It will be…. it was the person who writes Guy on twitter‘s idea. We’re working on the concept of making RP/writing/blogging all interactive.

Fanny: Thanks for having tea with me!  I have 2 more questions I’m asking everyone: what’s your preferred mode of writing: Pen & Paper or word processing.  What’s your preferred time of writing?

Bee: For poetry I use pen and paper 99% of  the time and word processing for prose.  My preferred time of writing is from 1 am GMT onwards because it’s quiet.

Fanny: I recall you & Juliet collaborated on a Lucas fanvid & would love to mention it too – I’m sure I’ve got it in my library – just can’t recall the name at the moment

Bee: Juliet and I? Yeah there are two… I wrote the poem in the 1st video about 3 weeks beforehand. It was supposed to be a one off certainly not for that vid!

Lucas North/John Bateman “In Pieces”


Lucas North “The Water”

I’m in awe of the creativity around here! Thanks for visiting, if you can still think after so much RA goodness go check out the other FanstRA contributors!

Wednesday, March 14th

F3 brightens up “hump day”! In fanfic, Maria Grazia presents an interview with Trudy Brasure and giveaway of her book, A Heart for Milton C.S. Winchester helps new authors get their feet wet writing fanfic In freeform, ChrisB continues the alphabet with “B is for Beard(?)? jazzbaby1puts John Porter in the hands of Frank Spotnitz Agzy outs Armitage characters as dog lovers In fandom, fedoralady recommends the right tunes for your Armitage fanvid In the Hobbit,IngeD3 reveals the deeper meaning of the dwarfs’ hoods Ana Cris reflects on Armitage and Maori ceremony In King Richard Armitage, Fabo offers some choices to play Anne Neville Links to all FanstRA 3 posts appear here at the end of each day

FanstRA day 2 : Tea with JuleWhatev

It is almost 2 years ago that I ventured onto C-19 and requested some writers to post Richard Armitage fanfiction to post on Wattpad.

Today an abundance of RA fanfic can be found on Wattpad tagged by genre & by character. (quick search versus story search is more effective – it will also show you there once was an RA club; now defunct)

I had been reading on Livejournal & fanfiction both very suitable for reading on a mobile browser. But Wattpad trumpted that experience by enabling off line reading through their app. Reading on PC just did not suit me and at the time the Proboards app fell short for reading the fanfiction posts, though those technical issue have since been resolved.

Wattpad still can’t trump C-19 or fanfiction for quantity when it comes to RA fanfic; often the convenience takes precedence for me.

These days plenty people read on mobile devices – the joy I discovered from reading classics from the project Gutenberg translated quickly to finding RA based fanfiction – I stopped reading magazines at the Hairsalon instead I’d be reading fanfiction on Wattpad. I can’t keep up with all the stories there are and look forward to moments of reading or chatting with the authors.

This series of informal chats is with people who have found their own way on Wattpad.

Tea with JuleWhatev:

Jule who’s first language is not English, pointed out that Jule is a common nickname in Germany for Julia versus Julie, Jules or the creative spelling, Jewels.

She was so kind enough to make time for a chat about her “scribbling attempts” as she calls them.

We met on twitter probably in the anticipation of Spooks 9 summer 2010.

Fanny: First off, would you like a cup of coffee or do you prefer tea? And was Lucas your first character?

decoding F A N S T R A V A G A N Z A 3

Jule: I prefer tea, have become quite addicted since coming here. thanks. I have been scribbling since I was very young, stupid stuff mostly, sharing with friends, no fanfiction, or rarely. So Lucas was not my first character, but he has become my favorite. There is so much background to explore with Lucas & spooks that gives me inspiration, it is amazing. And of course RA is acting very well in spooks, creating a very interesting character who I was not that willing to part with. 😉

Fanny: Am I to understand you saw Richard Armitage in something else first or was there another actor/character you wrote but didn’t post here. Lucas is most intriguing – any particular picture that gets you thinking & writing?

Jule: Well, I got to know spooks via my friends on twitter who couldn’t stop talking about it, and when I came to visit one of those friends I bought series 7, later 9 and 8. I think I was intrigued with Lucas from the moment the pull the hood from his face. His character is just fascinating right from the start. I think my inspiration is mostly from series 7 but I couldn’t pinpoint a certain picture, it is all too fascinating to me. I think I know series 7 by heart almost xD.

After I had watched spooks I started looking for other films / series RA was in, but I have not been brave enough to post pieces of Robin Hood or North and South scribbling.

Fanny: We have discussed on twitter how you’re also new to classic English literature since you are from Germany – do you think that affects your writing/fascination ? I for one, definitely look forward to your scribbling of those other characters! As for the picture; Since tea is your favorite we need to find Lucas with a cuppa or a kettle instead of coffee 🙂 Might you recall any scenes?

Jule: Well, I hope that me reading more english classics affects my writing in a way that it improves my understanding and my skills in expressing myself and making fewer mistakes in my favorite language. You certainly learn a lot from reading & watching films in English.
Well, the only scene I can recall is when Lucas is moving in and the old lady presents him with macaroons. He says he must have a kettle somwhere but the lady takes “a wind check on the tea” it is a great scene, though the kettle never appears, sadly. But I like seeing Lucas in this “normal” situation. Sadly I can’t think of any scene where he actually drinks tea…

let me see if I can dig up my teakettle

Fanny: I can also only recall that Lucas scene! LOL How long have you been studying English now which makes your writing impressive

Jule: Well, studying is the wrong word I think, had it at school since I was 11, but I read english books early, around age 13 and watched films and stuff. I just love the language, can’t explain why, but it is beautiful and picturesque in my eyes.

Fanny: I do know what you mean when you love a language, it doesn’t feel like studying .. Hard to believe you started reading after two years of instruction! Was it easy then to have access to English reads?

There is a simplicity & flow to the English language (speaking & writing) but it took me a while before I found it relaxing to read.

Jule: I first started reading in english with books I knew in german and learned a lot with that, harry potter was easy to read, the hobbit and lord of the rings more challenging but I loved the originals so much more than the trabslations and muddled my way through… was not so hard to get the books, family enjoyed giving me presents of english reads. got better and now reading english as fast and easy as german except for classics as older dialects, words and phrasings need a. bit more concentration. But I continue learning and that’s good. It’s the same with films and tv series.

Fanny: Languages continually evolve – painfully noticeable as I speak my mother tongue less –
I have two more questions I’m asking everyone: what’s your preferred mode of writing: Pen & Paper or wordprocessing
What’s your preferred time of writing?

Jule: Hm, the first question is tricky. I don’t think I prefer one or the other. It depends on which situation I am in. I tend to write in the evening or during the night, so I would ususally sit in front of my laptop and just type away for hours if creativity lasts. However, if an idea hits me I will scribble it down somewhere on the first scrap of paper I can find. I usually write shorthand notes then, or write complete scenes or dialogues that will later fit in perfectly with teh things I have written before. I might even write down an idea or a scene that comes much later in the story and then just put the note somewhere and get it out again later (if I can find it again) 😉 to finish the scene.
Hope that answered all the questions you had. Was definitely very interesting answering all of them and thinking about it more closely. Hope you enjoyed the little exchange as well. Thanks! 🙂

Fanny: I sure enjoyed our little chat, thank you for taking the time; Meanwhile happy writing to you and happy reading to us. Please visit Jule on Wattpad : http://www.wattpad.com/user/JuleWhatev or on twitter

Tuesday, March 13th

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April Fools Spoofs – Bring your smile!

“What will they come up with next?”

Planning is not my thing: except when it comes to travel. I know when and how NOT to miss any opportunities when I have them. Like that time in Paris where I had every whole day planned out included metro stops and packed in as many tourist stops in a few days because precious time is not to be wasted.

But even though I knew that I was going to make a list of my fave Spoof fan video’s shortly after I started this blog, it didn’t occur to me to plan this with a day like today until the wee hours this morning. As usual all credit goes to the vidders;  my uttermost gratitude and respect to the entertainment they bring!

Laughter is the best medicine!!

5. You can’t Hurry Love by MissHale78 – Monet is not an evident character to spoof but he’s so adorably funny!!

4. Striking Porter – by Bccmee – this lady has the wickest sense of humor!

3. Spooks (Parody or Disaster) by JulietD001 – it’s tough picking from her Spoofs as she has some priceless Robin Hood one’s too but this song is perfectly interpreted!!

2. F.U.N. Song by GiztheGunslinger – Warning – major SPOOF alert!!

1. Tik-Tok by Liisakee –  great storytelling 😉

Enigmatic Lucas North (Spooks) fanvideos

Lucas North appeared famously in Season 7 of British spy series Spooks. He hoodwinked us all 3 seasons long. I know for some its even painful to see anything related to Season 9, hence counting down the first 5 vids use S7 &S8 clips; the top 5 have spoilers for Season 9!

Check out JulietD001’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JulietD001 for more gorgeous Lucas vids.

As a musicfan and Richard Armitage fan viewing these vids are pure joy. Thanks for all the talent and time put into making these!! Love you guys!!

The music so often speaks for itself, i am curious which ones stand out for others …

10. Spooks (Parody or disaster) by JulietD001: since I’m a huge King of Leon’s fan it wasn’t too hard to love this. I believe this is her first spoof of Spooks and she nailed it! Her Robin Hood’s spoofs are amongst my favorite but I’ll save those for another time.

9. Spies by Lisa – the song says it all

8. Sweet Dreams by Manipenni – (not so sweet .. or is it?)

7. People are strange by DelicateBlossom – super song that covers the tone of Spooks

6. Time is running out by Spikesbint – this song by Muse is muted on YouTube – luckily i found it on Vimeo and aren’t they always running out of time on Spooks 😉

5. Lucas North – Fall Away by KatSw3 – Epic vid from an Epic vidder

4. Lucas North ‘The Water’ by JulietD001 – love this song and very poignant given Richard Armitage’s feelings about water

3. Sorrow by Bccmee – expresses all the fans feelings what happened to Lucas North’s character

2.Spooks – Secrets by utubeacct2008 – Lots of secrets as it turned out and OneRepublic is fantastic!

1. Lucas North – running up that Hill by MissHale78 – this young italian vidder does some great artistic work – check out “Hurricane” as well and love Placebo’s cover of Kate Bush’s song.