John Thornton in North and South fanvideo’s

Warning!! This might prove to be too romantic for the cynics amongst you …

First off, I might as well link this channel i love all her song choices! Her Switchfoot – You – North and South fanvid tops it for me but i love all her Snow patrol choices as well, not to mention “Built to last” and “The Reason” in fact all hers could easily be my number one; mainly for the song choices.

Meanwhile I’ve been laboring over this list and have had to pull out a lot because quite a few would get blocked in other countries. Two of my favorites by Melodia are not even on YT any longer. Avid viewers might remember her “Closer” and “She’s got no Time”

Some of these entered my library not so long ago and I’m curious which one’s are surprises, which one’s you miss on this list. I did have to work HARD to trim it back to 10!! YouTube’s restrictions made it ironically easier …

10. Margaret: into Dust by Mandy; another recent surprise being a fan of Mazzy Star i just love this and her take on the character

9. Down by GiztheGunslinger; a very dark version and so well done!

8. Falling by dnetherl is a classic North & South vid

7. Learn You Inside Out by KDRainstorm what a surprise to bump into this, not everyone will like the special effects and filter that’s used.

6. Untouched by Elva75 look for a surprise 🙂

5. Mad World by veryval

This vid has the biggest playcount in my library; as odd as the song choice is perhaps, i love how dark and artistic it is.

4. Margaret fell in love by Gretavill

This simple song rings so true

3. The Only Exception by SimplyDarcy

So artistically put together using the lyrics of the song.

2. In My Veins – by Fragmentofdreams

This is a fairly recent upload but with that song such a representation of how we respond to this series, to this character.

1. On Fire by Heather ; i found this fanvid rather late but love the song choice.


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6 responses to “John Thornton in North and South fanvideo’s

  • CDoart

    Wonderful list of videos. I must come back to see them at more leisure again. I can see all except one. Perfect and thank you very much for checking!

  • Summer

    For this romantic dreamer your picks are perfect!! Love them all! And guess what…. Heather’s “On Fire” is my number one too!! LOL
    The selection must have been tough, so many lovely and romantic videos to choose from soo hard selecting the very favourites.
    I love KDRainstorm’s “Learn You Inside Out” that song makes me feel all giddy! LOL so couldn’t resist having it on my iPod right away 😉 I do like the effects she uses, makes the video look very different and original.
    Love Val’s “Mad World” I think she manages to capture the atmosphere of Milton so well!
    Some missing from my list of favourites would be Val’s “Drumming Song” love the pace, editing and colouring of the video as well as the song choice by Florence + The Machine. Heather’s “Addicted” a classic, and “I don’t have anything” by DelicateBlossom.
    Thanks so much Fanny for sharing this list and I can’t wait to see your favourite Guy’s videos, being your favourite character it’s going to be more than tough! LOL

    • iz4blue/Fanny

      Those are great suggestions and came very close in the list! There is another vidder that used that same Florence song: Angel6881 – Howl which I like even better. Val’s incomplete I’m sure would be considered a classic too; just one where the song has been run … Grey??
      You’re DB is one I don’t even have so even better! And I WILL fix that!! 😉
      All of Heathra’s vids have a special place! But This Woman’s work is special as I would read Kate Bush’s lyrics when learning English way back 🙂

  • Riv

    Thanks for all the videos! It’ll take me sometime to watch them all, so I’ll definitely be back. Great idea for a blog, Fanny.

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