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Fanvid Friday: I’m Gonna Lose You

I love these posts of Kelbel as she’s refreshing my memory of my guilty pleasure : fanvids. Like any fan I collected pictures and Armitage in film and TV but what I loved most is the fanvids created by all the talented fans out there. As a result I ended up with the odd hobby of collecting fanvids because what became apparent is that youtube can block the sound or close accounts besides when you download a fanvid you end of with better quality. The other effect this vids had and other bloggers have mentioned, is connecting with new music and identifying it within an Armitage character context. So I made playlists based on the vids. It’s only release is on the soundtrack of Frantic the Roman Polanski movie with Harrison Ford. I’m gonna Loose you is written as a theme for the movie and was never released on any Simply Red compilation I believe. In the end I managed to track it down once I figured it was from the Frantic score I was on the right track.

Nowhere in Particular RA

Guy/Marian fanvid by elvirasweeney

I really like this one. Well, I like all the ones I’ve posted for Fanvid Friday (duh, that’s why I featured them 😛 ) but this one has a way of sticking in my mind and it leaves me thinking about it days afterward. not in a “reliving the story” kind of way, but just the visual images and the way they’re edited to the music.

This video highlights very well the way that Guy shows his thoughts and feelings through his facial expressions. And the various frames that are frozen, distorted, moved down and side-to-side, etc. with the editing effects add to that in a very meaningful way. I just want to reach out and caress their faces!

My favorite parts are the “driving me crazy!” lyric that’s paired with my often used “get my horse!” scene


and the “tearing me apart” sequence at 1:21,

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