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For reblogging: invitation — Me + Richard Armitage

Looks like I’ll be dusting off the blog and hopefully remember how to work it 🙂

Mark your calendars! May 29th is #RichardArmitage Blog Reunion Day! Like a fam reunion for blogs. 😊 All are invited. Participate w/ blog posts &/or commenting. Write about anything but please include what you’ve been up to since blogging & your current interests. #RABlogReunion — Natazukii (@Natazukii) May 9, 2020

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Fanvid Friday: I’m Gonna Lose You

I love these posts of Kelbel as she’s refreshing my memory of my guilty pleasure : fanvids. Like any fan I collected pictures and Armitage in film and TV but what I loved most is the fanvids created by all the talented fans out there. As a result I ended up with the odd hobby of collecting fanvids because what became apparent is that youtube can block the sound or close accounts besides when you download a fanvid you end of with better quality. The other effect this vids had and other bloggers have mentioned, is connecting with new music and identifying it within an Armitage character context. So I made playlists based on the vids. It’s only release is on the soundtrack of Frantic the Roman Polanski movie with Harrison Ford. I’m gonna Loose you is written as a theme for the movie and was never released on any Simply Red compilation I believe. In the end I managed to track it down once I figured it was from the Frantic score I was on the right track.

Nowhere in Particular RA

Guy/Marian fanvid by elvirasweeney

I really like this one. Well, I like all the ones I’ve posted for Fanvid Friday (duh, that’s why I featured them 😛 ) but this one has a way of sticking in my mind and it leaves me thinking about it days afterward. not in a “reliving the story” kind of way, but just the visual images and the way they’re edited to the music.

This video highlights very well the way that Guy shows his thoughts and feelings through his facial expressions. And the various frames that are frozen, distorted, moved down and side-to-side, etc. with the editing effects add to that in a very meaningful way. I just want to reach out and caress their faces!

My favorite parts are the “driving me crazy!” lyric that’s paired with my often used “get my horse!” scene


and the “tearing me apart” sequence at 1:21,

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SpReAd The Love – a covetted bookseries

I’ve been pondering all week which book to feature.

The first one, De Kabouter or Gnomes by Rien Poortvliet and Will Huygen which influenced, me I was first almost embarrased about until I found how other people cherished it. I realized also donating it would be problematic, I couldn’t part with my copy. Since I’m from Belgium I obviously have the non-translated one.

The next bookdownload Griekse Mythen en Sagen, Gods and Heroes by Gustav Schwab I would read over and over again is also a hard find. I probably will still pass it on to my niece but given with the Percy Jackson series making those myths easier to read I’m not sure how much they will be loved like I did. That would be my Island book to have.

And then I remembered a covetted bookseries : simple stories with beautiful illustrations a child would get lost in. It’s not surprising how hard it was for me to remember. Children’s books were, well books in general were prized possessions, picture books even more so. Besides Belgium also has a rich comic book culture, and we devoured various series, Asterix and Obelix would be the most well known over here, TinTin wasn’t really on my family’s radar, the memory of reading those are stronger. 🙂

I have three copies of the Tiny series,Tinny would be the english pronounciation, the series of about 60 stories is translated in 15 different languages and in English she’s called Debbie or Emma.

The Belgian series comes translated out of french where she’s known as Martine. The stories are very simple written by francophone Gilbert Delahaye  and beautifully illustrated by Marcel Marlier with big pastel drawings taking up the space of over half the page. My plan is to donate my these cherished copies to my sister who’s name very nearly resembles our heroine.

Below are the three editions that have been gathering dust on my shelf, I did share them with my daughter but alas teaching a secondary language is not an easy task.

Tiny aan Zee : Tinny at the Shore

Tiny op de Kermis, Tinny at the Fair

Tiny leert tekenen : Tinny learns to draw

here a couple of illustrations :

 so reminiscent of a time of innocence.

Richard Armitage Out – Tom Hiddleston In

I was already excited to see this performance broadcast but this clip of Tom Hiddleston preparing for his performance makes it hard to contain it :

Armitage Agonistes

I’m finished with Richard Armitage and on to Tom Hiddleston – when it comes to live stage performances that is.  This, thanks to   National Theater Live.  I’m seeing Coriolanus next Thursday, live streamed from London, in a theater just across town. And it just might be within distance for you, too.


I rarely tout anything on my blog – but in light of the bug we all caught with Richard Armitage’s live performance this week, I thought I’d share this.

National Theater Live is the British National Theater’s initiative to bring their stage productions to audiences throughout the world via  live streaming to local movie theaters that sign up as designated venues. Taped encore productions are also shown -Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller ( TWO Sherlocks together?) is playing in February.

While I knew about one particular live stream performance that was…

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Strike Back Origins Starring Richard Armitage as John Porter Begins Showing in the U.S., October 19, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #459)

It’s about time! Love this new interview where Richard recalls filming Strike Back and is a cheeky devil. Please someone cast him in a rom com!

Something About Love (A)

Yayyyyy!  “Strike Back Origin”–a six part miniseries originally titled Chris Ryan’s Strike SBPromoDVDCover-35-RichardArmitageasJohnPorterOct1913ranetBack that aired on Sky1 in 2010–with British actor Richard Armitage starring as SAS Agent John Porter [center, image right] is finally showing in the U.S.

RANet has more info about the “Strike Back Origins’” broadcast and links in their October 19th News post for today–with interview caps noted to follow tomorrow.

Update!  The You  Tube video promo below shows Richard Armitage graciously promoting this six part series (thanks to M.I. Rogers of It’s an RA World for the link):

Original video with other info is found at:

Why was Richard Armitage gracious in the video interview?  Because as you saw in the video above, SB series director Daniel Percival does a copious amount of attempting to link Strike Back Origins–touted as a prequel, when Armitage’s SB was the original series adapted from Chris Ryan’s book…

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I cast my first US vote

Organizing my thoughts don’t come naturally and writing them down is even harder; as I tend to overthink it. I had a great blogpost in the shower one morning which I intended to finally whip up .. and Oops I published my rambling notes from the past week.

I’m the last leg of a blog chain following a conversation about voting traditions around the globe. Heidi, a natural instigator, kicked this off here from an American perspective, and then Katie posted her Australian perspective here, followed by another American perspective here and now it’s my turn in this round robin.

First i should note if you haven’t added your vote in support of fellow FanstRA blogger Melanie do so! Be sure to vote everyday, I won a give-away from her blog awhile back and if I remember correctly its via her N&S blog event we all got to know Heidi.

I also can’t pass up to mention a story of how a little town rallied to win the title of Ultimate Fishing town in America.

Let me add a disclaimer I’m not the most politically informed person, besides I feel it’s a discussion I don’t feel comforable with on social media. Hence my thought to post this outside of this blog but there is no denying that if it wasn’t for Richard Armitage being the common denominator I would possibly never have bumped into you gals in cyberspace.

I was born and raised in one of the few countries; Belgium where the vote is compulsory versus voluntary. What was interesting is that I always assumed it was because of its smallness in size. My father knew to tell me that years ago the socialist party initiated the compolsory vote with the purpose to increase voters in their favor, according to him it did not pan out that way. In theory NOT voting is punishable by law but these days it’s enforced, my father remembers differently though. As an expat I’ve only voted by mail for national elections and its only in recent years that the government made an effort in collecting those votes.

According to this Elecoral Voting Comission document from 2006 “Compulsory voting has been introduced for a number of reasons and often at times of constitutional and political change, but thedesire to maximise turnout among all sections of society seems to have been a commonobjective. It has often been implemented as a result of wider political reform such as a change in a country’s political system, as in Chile, or alongside the introduction of universal suffrage, as in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Interesting it mentions later on: “The only obvious example where an established democracy appears to have introduced compulsory voting solely in response to low voter turnouts is Australia.”

Personally I have no problem to have it compulsory. As citizen we have to pay taxes, why shouldn’t we vote and be forced to consider our choices? We are LUCKY that we can!

I know that would be unthinkable with this recent ID issue in the States, I find that a hard one to graple, how do people have bank accounts, pay bills?

But most importantly this post is meant to be anecdotal and about my impressions. People’s response to my status change from resident to citizen has been most enjoyable to observe.

Last Friday I had a dinner date with 3 other Belgian girlfriends at a French restaurant. All of us are from the Flanders (for those who are reading The Sunne In Splendour; Burgundy) We met here, two of us recently got our citizenship, one still has to, the other made sure her vote counted last election. I’ve been here more than 20 yrs, 17 as a resident and when the votes got recounted is when I wished for the first time I could vote. As a resident I receive all the benefits of a citizen except I can’t vote & I would have to pay inheritance tax, but there are lawyer ways around that.

I’d like to close this post with two songs from a Belgian artist who made an album recently called North and South referring to the complex conflict in Belgium.

I had to link this song if only in tribute to Frenz’s Ukelele love – the link here is its filming location : Hellend vlak van Ronquièrs it just doesn’t sound as nice translated in English: Ronquières inclined plane

Milow – you don’t know – Ukelele version –

Because I can’t resist linking this to something Armitage this song reminds me how some fans fear sharing our idol.

Milow – you and me :

Collective Reading of The Sunne in Splendour and I want YOU to be a part of it!

To accompany our quest to accomplish The Sunne In Splendour collective reading: Richard for Dummies is visually appealing and will provide us with updates during our journey : Armitage Fandom knows no boundaries. 🙂

I Want to be a Pin Up

You’ve probably heard about Sharon Kay Penman’s The Sunne in Splendour.

It’s the book Richard Armitage mentions in the  Vulpes Libris interview as one of his favorites.

This autumn and winter Fanny/iz4blue over at DistRActed musings of one ReAlity is organising a collective read of this historical fiction novel.

The group read will be accompanied by Richard III Bloggers and their ‘ fun activities‘.

Oh Dear 😉

The first deadline is:

Sept 23rd : Chapters 1 + 5 of Book One : Edward

Now, I know what many of you are thinking (I’ve had these thought too…):

Firstly, that bloke Richard III? Again?

He’s not even that good-looking!

What’s up with this obsession regarding some historical figure I don’t really know much about!

Why should I care?

Secondly, how can I possibly read an epic novels the size of a dictionary?

I don’t have the time/language skills/background knowledge to do…

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