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AdoRAble - most of the time 🙂

This picture says a lot but not everything – i was already a Richard Armitage fan for a year when Bccmee passed along this badge.

Such an honor. This blog is ignited by the creative spirits of his fans

with gratitude to RichardArmitage.Net for images and latest news

For details on Mr.Armitage’s career visit richardarmitageonline.com


8 responses to “About

  • cerridwen

    love the videos especially FUN– classic!!!!! laughed half the afternoon-can’t get out of my head now.

  • MovieGeek

    Thanks for following me.
    By the way, I don’t know if you’re aware of an lovely interview with RA on the latest EMPIRE podcast (I think it was date 14th Dec 2012), at around 40 minutes in. 😉
    take care

    • Fanny/iz4blue

      I’ve been attempting to collect RA’s interviews on Soundcloud, and that is a nice long one with lots of detail. The press junkets haven’t disappointed for me unlike the movie much like your review. I found your blog via C-19

  • JaneGael


    I have started a petition requesting that PJ give us a scene set in *extras* on the DVD release of There and Back Again, that is set in the Halls of Waiting. Here we could witness Thorin, Fili and Kili being welcomed like the heroes they are. This is not a change of canon or anything that would affect the movie. This is just a request for an additional extra scene. I know that it is probably impossible to do, but if you don’t ask — you don’t get, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

    When I was 11 I was destroyed when Thorin, Fili and Kili were killed. I just fell in love with that cranky old man and his nephews. Imagine my surprise to find that Richard Armitage had been cast as Thorin. Great, now I REALLY love that cranky old man. The casting for Fili and Kil was inspired and these two are brilliant together. I’ve been spending entirely too much time on Tumblr seeing all the lovely art showing Thorin as a loving uncle to these two small boys. Talk about cranking up the feels. Finding I am far from alone in worrying about the end of the third movie, I decided why not start a petition to ask to show them laughing and being welcomed and honored by Thrain and Thror. I thought that if it does actually get a number of signatures and the scene is impossible then at least, Richard, PJ, Aidan and Dean will see how many people will miss the characters they’ve done such a good job of bringing to life.

    So I’m contacting people whose sites I follow to see if they might promote it just a bit. I’m not getting anything out of doing it, it’s purely a labor of love for Richard, the movie and the lads.


    Thanks for your time.

    Jane Gael Rafferty

  • Sandy Sue

    Thanks so much for visiting and reading my thinly disguised RA story. There’s so little news about him right now—what IS that man up to? Resting up for the DoS media tour?

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