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FanstRA day 1: My top AU/Crossover fanvideos

Happy FanstRAvaganza!! Sit down and relax! warning: NSFW : Richard Armitage in motion!

I’m picking up a thread from last year when encouraged by Frenz who’s fanvid love I share. It was a last minute thing, I noticed one or two are not even up on YouTube any longer, neither is one I wanted to include today. I’d like to update those but likely won’t have time by this posting!

For those not familiar with the fanfiction term AU: is short for Alternate Universe.

Crossover perhaps describes it better; it simply is picking fictional characters from different “universes” or settings and putting them together. But I DO promise NO slash in these listings. (My favorite is no longer listed on YouTube)

Enjoy !

One could argue that so many Guy of Gisborne and Lucas North videos are AU fanvideos as they choose different endings than the original characters.

Its with much gratitude and admiration I link to these talented vidders, hopefully you find a moment to hit thumbs UP

7. 19bt80 : The evolution of Sir Guy : this expresses what we are in anticipation for!

6. TheTeucner : Evil – Sheriff/Guy of Gisborne/Marian : not for the faint-hearted but for Sheriff lovers 😉

5. Blackcousins4life : Crossover (Guy/Marian/Henry/Anne) – Fight for Glory : Guy kills again but someone else!

4. MissDaydreamer101 : Someone Like You : I only came recently upon this pairing & i can’t help wondering how Arthur’s looks would have changed the dynamics in Robin Hood tremendously!

3: Georgette : Wait for me & I’ll be back (Guy & Marian in XXI) : a brilliant told story!

2: Fairykingdom86 : Soulmates Never Die : my first AU fanvid; the song a perfect match to the scenes

1: Summersparkle :

LOVE her style!! It was hard picking ONE : first I was so sure this was #1: I mean he IS all we need at times? 😉 or this : he would make us “Howl” 🙂 but who can deny Adam Lambert as a PERFECT singing voice for Guy: here “For your entertainment” 🙂

Too Rough for You – Anne & Guy :

Do you have any favorites? Feel free to add in the commentary & don’t forget to enjoy any, all of the blogtagteamers!

Monday, March 12th

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April Fools Spoofs – Bring your smile!

“What will they come up with next?”

Planning is not my thing: except when it comes to travel. I know when and how NOT to miss any opportunities when I have them. Like that time in Paris where I had every whole day planned out included metro stops and packed in as many tourist stops in a few days because precious time is not to be wasted.

But even though I knew that I was going to make a list of my fave Spoof fan video’s shortly after I started this blog, it didn’t occur to me to plan this with a day like today until the wee hours this morning. As usual all credit goes to the vidders;  my uttermost gratitude and respect to the entertainment they bring!

Laughter is the best medicine!!

5. You can’t Hurry Love by MissHale78 – Monet is not an evident character to spoof but he’s so adorably funny!!

4. Striking Porter – by Bccmee – this lady has the wickest sense of humor!

3. Spooks (Parody or Disaster) by JulietD001 – it’s tough picking from her Spoofs as she has some priceless Robin Hood one’s too but this song is perfectly interpreted!!

2. F.U.N. Song by GiztheGunslinger – Warning – major SPOOF alert!!

1. Tik-Tok by Liisakee –  great storytelling 😉

Guy of Gisborne in BBC’s Robin Hood

Foremost thanks to RAFrenzy, if she hadn’t kept at me for this, I probably wouldn’t have started this blog thingy ..

Finally; my top 10 list of Guy fanvids! The first 5 I had send in as nominations to Avalon’s blog for the FANstRAvaganza.

It is difficult to just pick one but it seems many agree it truly is a number ONE!

What makes these fanvids so fabulous is the fact that by pulling and editing clips together to music and the occasional use of audiotrack your perception of the characters portrayed in BBC’s Robin Hood becomes different or enhanced depending on the take of the vidder of each fanvid. The tone of a song sets a mood and if the song doesn’s speak to you there is no way of liking the subject matter. On the other hand sometimes the subject matter makes a song likeable!! LOL It explains a lot of the content on my iPod!!

I don’t think I’m done with my lists; there are too many sexy Guy vids, too many storyline vids; too many unknown vidders who then make this ONE brilliant vid!

Which vid stayed with you?

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John Thornton in North and South fanvideo’s

Warning!! This might prove to be too romantic for the cynics amongst you …

First off, I might as well link this channel i love all her song choices! Her Switchfoot – You – North and South fanvid tops it for me but i love all her Snow patrol choices as well, not to mention “Built to last” and “The Reason” in fact all hers could easily be my number one; mainly for the song choices.

Meanwhile I’ve been laboring over this list and have had to pull out a lot because quite a few would get blocked in other countries. Two of my favorites by Melodia are not even on YT any longer. Avid viewers might remember her “Closer” and “She’s got no Time”

Some of these entered my library not so long ago and I’m curious which one’s are surprises, which one’s you miss on this list. I did have to work HARD to trim it back to 10!! YouTube’s restrictions made it ironically easier …

10. Margaret: into Dust by Mandy; another recent surprise being a fan of Mazzy Star i just love this and her take on the character

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Enigmatic Lucas North (Spooks) fanvideos

Lucas North appeared famously in Season 7 of British spy series Spooks. He hoodwinked us all 3 seasons long. I know for some its even painful to see anything related to Season 9, hence counting down the first 5 vids use S7 &S8 clips; the top 5 have spoilers for Season 9!

Check out JulietD001’s YouTube channel: for more gorgeous Lucas vids.

As a musicfan and Richard Armitage fan viewing these vids are pure joy. Thanks for all the talent and time put into making these!! Love you guys!!

The music so often speaks for itself, i am curious which ones stand out for others …

10. Spooks (Parody or disaster) by JulietD001: since I’m a huge King of Leon’s fan it wasn’t too hard to love this. I believe this is her first spoof of Spooks and she nailed it! Her Robin Hood’s spoofs are amongst my favorite but I’ll save those for another time.

9. Spies by Lisa – the song says it all

8. Sweet Dreams by Manipenni – (not so sweet .. or is it?)

7. People are strange by DelicateBlossom – super song that covers the tone of Spooks

6. Time is running out by Spikesbint – this song by Muse is muted on YouTube – luckily i found it on Vimeo and aren’t they always running out of time on Spooks 😉

5. Lucas North – Fall Away by KatSw3 – Epic vid from an Epic vidder

4. Lucas North ‘The Water’ by JulietD001 – love this song and very poignant given Richard Armitage’s feelings about water

3. Sorrow by Bccmee – expresses all the fans feelings what happened to Lucas North’s character

2.Spooks – Secrets by utubeacct2008 – Lots of secrets as it turned out and OneRepublic is fantastic!

1. Lucas North – running up that Hill by MissHale78 – this young italian vidder does some great artistic work – check out “Hurricane” as well and love Placebo’s cover of Kate Bush’s song.

Porter and others

Porter and others

John Porter was a character Richard Armitage played in the Sky1 series Strike Back for more on his career check:

First off check out the Queen of Porter vids: Bccmee’s YT channel: and her blog:

Strike Back’s HD quality makes this vids glorious for viewing apart from the subject J

I thought this would be easier having only 39 in my Porter playlist! No jiffy cutting it back to 5, I thought…

Those of you who do keep up with fanvids will miss some BIG fanvid hits.

I might come back to those later but I thought today would also be a chance to add five single minor character vids that deserve a shout out.

Generally I tend to go for those that stand out from the crowd.

The Others

Monet and Harry Kennedy are purposely missing as and Bccmee are showcasing some.

  • George Gently by Elvira Sweeney is very artistic in technique and music choice

  • Alex Track in Golden Hour: I Just Wanna Be Loved by BurnVillage (and we all want to be treated by Dr.Track 😉

  • John Mulligan – Your Heart is as Black as Night by Romana55 – this song says it all! The singer sweet voice in contrast with the lyrics 😉

  • Percey Courtenay in Miss Marie Lloyd – You Showed Me by GiztheGunslinger – LOVE the wickedness of this song which suits the character.

The Porter:

5. Mad World by Elvira Sweeney – this is a gorgeous eye candy vid but the song depicts so much more about the character.

4. John Porter – Have No Fear by Safy146 – shows the softer and finer moments in Strike Back and Richard Armitage; how he’s a true hero.

3. 24th by Campcurry – I’ve always loved this song and its perfectly used.

2. Seven Nation Army by GiztheGunslinger, love how she uses the beats of the music with special effects!

1. My Body is a Cage by Bccmee – this vid was my introduction to this song; obviously it struck home!

For the REAL big FANstRAfaganza check out the list of participating blogs:

Some Favorite RAmix fanvids

To use Mesmered’s word this week of FANstRAvaganza is a week of DEVOTION to Richard Armitage! This will be my second experiencing of it and I’ve cleared my calendar!

I share the love for fanvids with so many of you and I’ve been encouraged to share some of my favorites.

January 20, 2010 I downloaded my first fanvideo thanks to the fabulous Elvira Sweeney’s That one is my number 1 on this list and is still a big favorite to this day!

First of all, I have so many favorites, this process of even listing 10 is painful, hats off to ALL talented vidders out there! I am just a viewer, a collector…

This post lists my favorite RAmix fanvids; the name I use for fanvids that uses clips from all his characters, for when you just want to view his expressions without seeing the whole work!!

Without further ado I’m going to let the songs do all the talking! Be sure to give these vidders some love and check out their other vids!

10. Campcurry123 – Give a little Love: Tom Jones is just fabulous

9. vogonfanvids (Elvira’s Mac channel) – Endlessly : Just love this Muse song

8. HeathRA – Sexy Back 2 : now there is a showcase … of a song! do check out Womanizer

7. Damaris – a man who can .. : the one lady who never posts on YT thanks to Elvira I can stream this beautiful piece here

6. spikesbint – Too Lost : though “I want Candy” was a DL first, I’m just too much in love with this song besides doesn’t it say why we’re here?

5. vogonfanvids – Your Love is my Drug : So often the past year I come to cRAzy music because of fanvids 🙂

4. DelicateBlossom – Lullaby : showcases Mr. Armitage sweetness he brings to his characters

3. GiztheGunslinger – Filmstar : the song says it all …

2. Behind Blue Eyes – This Night : this song & vid showcases so beautifully the darkness & sadness of some of his characters


1. JamieR’s “all the above” Was my very first download and still a big favorite. Love how that punch hits the beat! (mobile viewer: Sorry! YT changed the settings randomly on this vid as I know Jamie gave permission months ago for mobile viewing!)