FanstRA day 5 : Coffee with LadyBrandon23

Coffee with LadyBrandon23:

For the 5th day I had a chat with LadyBrandon23 who assures me to use her given name Emma or Emms which seems to be a nickname that is sticking

We must have met around the same time like Jule and Bee on twitter and one day we fell into conversation about a Lost in Gaskell version.

Fanny: With a chat one must have a drink 🙂 so, do you prefer coffee or tea in the morning?

I remember us joking about your Lost in Gaskell story on twitter so I’m guessing North & South was where you first met Mr. Armitage?

Emma: I need coffee with my job, training to be teacher as it helps me get through my day. Yes, I met Richard through north and south. Somehow the man had an effect on me, when watching his proposal to Daniella; it was so passionate and his eyes … I was a gonna lol

I must remember to bring my gloves, I must remember to bring my gloves, ..

Fanny: He had me as soon as he entered the Hales LOL a handsome student of the father I loved? (as a female viewer I identify with Margaret)

What got you to write though cause I drew a blank – I see the man and I stop thinking 😉

Emma: For me it was because he never got a happy ending as Guy and Lucas. I found myself needing to make them happy. I wrote Guy first but they were never any good. Lucas on the other hand I felt bold and decided to upload it on here. John Thornton well I loved that man and had been thinking about a lost in.. story in my head and I thought why not JT.

can we skip to the donuts scene already? I’m starving here!

Fanny: So you wrote your Lost in Gaskell first & then started writing Lucas, more than once even.

Emma: I started writing Lucas, then JT (John Thornton) kept cropping up. Lucas was a character that fascinated me and I wanted to get into his head more. JT kind of happened one night when I could not sleep

Not only is she lost to me but I forgot my gloves!!! I’ll be damned if I ask for them!!!

Fanny: sleepless nights tend to inspire! I hope you don’t have to pay with sleep for your other stories.

Emma: When I started writing I was going through a rough time personally, sleep was not a friend; writing actually helped. It is how I came to poetry, my friend Bee, got me to write down what I was feeling. It was how ‘the Fear’ started and developed into Musings (a poetry collection); now I have written over 100 poems; and started a 2nd collection: Dreams, Hopes and Fears and can’t seem to stop. They are not great or ground breaking just how I am feeling. You can often tell by my writing how much I was going through; if I was in a good mood or a bad mood. I also find Music inspires me, I will hear a song and it will cause me to think of a scene in my head, a lot of my fics start that way.

A B C’s and eventually ZZzzzzzzz

Fanny: It seems the therapeutic writing helped you find your voice; you haven’t stopped you’ve also written several Tudors fan fictions 🙂

Emma: Since I have recently been teaching, I haven’t been able to find time. I’m trying to do a little bit though.

Fanny: Do you take notes or do you use voice recordings to keep track of ideas?

Emma: I always have a notepad near me. Never far away if it does hit me.

Fanny: Good luck with teaching and finding moments to write – as they say: “a good story is never far away” 🙂

Emma: I’m in second placement now. That means I have to start looking for a teaching job soon. As far as the writing; I hope so, I really miss being able to write as much as I did.

Fanny: I have 2 more questions I’m asking everyone: what’s your preferred mode of writing: Pen & Paper or word processing. What’s your preferred time of writing?

Emma: I can use both but prefer word processor sometimes it will flow sometimes it will not which can be frustrating when staring at a blank screen for many hours. my preferred time is often late at night when I cannot sleep or if I have woken from bad dreams I write to enable myself to get back to normal in head.

Fanny:I enjoyed our little chat, Thanks! Best of luck for the future!

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Friday, March 16th

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