FanstRA day 4: Coffee with Yelloweeee

Coffee with Yelloweeee

And today I’m chatting with a writer who shares a taste for coffee and whose enthusiasm jumps off the page 🙂

Yelloweeee: Hey. I remember all the various fun graphics blogs and fanfic marathons from last March, and even though I didn’t take much part in them, I enjoyed reading/looking at them!

Fanny: I’m about to finish my last drop of coffee 🙂 How do you like your coffee?
I clearly remember reading your touching short story My John. Was Thornton your first Richard Armitage character on screen?

Yelloweeee: I like coffee milky and warm but with a lot of flavour! It’s a great way to wake yourself up or wind down!

Thanks for your comment on “My John”, i am glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, Thornton was my first, and I have to say I hadn’t heard of RA before that. But as those four episodes played away on my screen, I slowly became caught up with his voice, his facial expressions, and he was getting handsomer by the hour!

Those ladies sure can write about me!

Fanny: Ive taken to Hazelnut coffee which can vary much by each brand in flavor. On occasion I even love the exotic flavors of chai!

You say Handsomer by the hour? LOL were you still breathing by the end?

Is this story your first foray in fanfiction?

Yelloweeee: My favourite coffee flavour is vanilla. I had it the other day with some extra cinamon…..that’s nice!!

And yes he seemed to grow on me a lot during the four episodes. When we first see him standing in the mill, looking way too serious, he didn’t seem that good looking, but then we get know him more and the reason for his attitude towards his workers, and you start to respect him. And then you see the good in his heart, and just how hard his life has been, and then he starts to fall in love and you are rooting for him just as much as he is. And then he gets rejected and your heart breaks with him, and then he is really down and……you get the picture!! LOL

Shall I stay or shall I go, will she have me or won’t she

I think by that last scene I was amazed at how gentle and caring he was with her, which was probably the icing on the cake, if you know what I mean. So after that I wanted to find out f there was anything else this really good actor had done, and hey presto!!

“My John” was the first ever time I had written something remotely fan-ficcy. Then “Milton’s Master” wasn’t far behind that. I had read various bits of fanfic on the net. C19 and the IMDB North and South boards . There was something I read that was really different. A short story about a situation where Margaret has died and John has a daughter he calls after her. And I thought “I want to write something along those lines.” So I did!

Yes, Fanny I love your purple dress!!! It’s such an enticing color, hope Margaret has some in her hope chest…

Fanny: Love Vanilla as a flavor & scent I might have to try that WITH the cinnamon and then of course top it off with whipped cream 🙂

So if your John story was a first fic thing am I to understand you are comfortable writing prose?

That story you mention sounds good! I would love to link to that. It’s fascinating how people can elaborate on a character and storyline in surprising ways sometimes.

Yelloweeee: Yup you should try it 🙂

Am I comfortable with writing prose? To be honest, it kinda just comes out when I sit down to write, so I suppose I only write things when I am comfortable anyways.

The link to the story I was telling you about is here

You probably recognise the author.

Fanny: Haha yes I certainly do! And have added her too my favorites on fanfiction 🙂 but really it can’t be that simple to sitting down and getting comfortable? Here a chair … Get comfortable 🙂 what pic gets you going?? 😉 we do need an illustration ..


Chocolateismydrug is great isn’t she? I love her stories!

Ok, maybe there is some more thinking involved than just getting comfy in chair and typing away! There is no picture in specific that inspires me, to be honest. It would usually be an idea of a scenario that comes into my head. I would elaborate on it in my head, and sometimes write a plan down. So once I have sat down to write, I already know what I want to happen in the chapter.

There is a fave pic I have of Thornton tho which is from the tea scene

Yelloweeee come back to me!

Fanny: Love that picture! You since started writing other RA character stories. I was wondering if there was a difference in writing another RA character.

Yelloweeee: Depends What you mean by difference? If you mean how I approach the writing then no, no difference. I would still think up a scenario and write it. Of course the characters themselves are different, and react in different ways to things, and the language they use will be different. Between John and Lucas, for example, there is a difference in them in my stories. With finding each characters voices, I think each one has a special place for me, if you know what I mean, so each one means something in the story I’m writing. It makes the visualization of them easier

Fanny: I have 2 more questions I’m asking everyone: what’s your preferred mode of writing: Pen & Paper or wordprocessing. What is your preferred time of writing?

Yelloweeee: When I’m writing it’s mostly typing on Word, but there were a few times when I hand wrote it first.

I can only really write when I’m not disturbed, so in the night is the best, when the rest of the house is asleep!

Fanny: I loved our little chat, thanks!

Disclaimer: all picture captions by John Thornton

There is plenty more fun to be had in the FanstRA tagteams!

Thursday, March 15th

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