FanstRA day 2 : Tea with JuleWhatev

It is almost 2 years ago that I ventured onto C-19 and requested some writers to post Richard Armitage fanfiction to post on Wattpad.

Today an abundance of RA fanfic can be found on Wattpad tagged by genre & by character. (quick search versus story search is more effective – it will also show you there once was an RA club; now defunct)

I had been reading on Livejournal & fanfiction both very suitable for reading on a mobile browser. But Wattpad trumpted that experience by enabling off line reading through their app. Reading on PC just did not suit me and at the time the Proboards app fell short for reading the fanfiction posts, though those technical issue have since been resolved.

Wattpad still can’t trump C-19 or fanfiction for quantity when it comes to RA fanfic; often the convenience takes precedence for me.

These days plenty people read on mobile devices – the joy I discovered from reading classics from the project Gutenberg translated quickly to finding RA based fanfiction – I stopped reading magazines at the Hairsalon instead I’d be reading fanfiction on Wattpad. I can’t keep up with all the stories there are and look forward to moments of reading or chatting with the authors.

This series of informal chats is with people who have found their own way on Wattpad.

Tea with JuleWhatev:

Jule who’s first language is not English, pointed out that Jule is a common nickname in Germany for Julia versus Julie, Jules or the creative spelling, Jewels.

She was so kind enough to make time for a chat about her “scribbling attempts” as she calls them.

We met on twitter probably in the anticipation of Spooks 9 summer 2010.

Fanny: First off, would you like a cup of coffee or do you prefer tea? And was Lucas your first character?

decoding F A N S T R A V A G A N Z A 3

Jule: I prefer tea, have become quite addicted since coming here. thanks. I have been scribbling since I was very young, stupid stuff mostly, sharing with friends, no fanfiction, or rarely. So Lucas was not my first character, but he has become my favorite. There is so much background to explore with Lucas & spooks that gives me inspiration, it is amazing. And of course RA is acting very well in spooks, creating a very interesting character who I was not that willing to part with. 😉

Fanny: Am I to understand you saw Richard Armitage in something else first or was there another actor/character you wrote but didn’t post here. Lucas is most intriguing – any particular picture that gets you thinking & writing?

Jule: Well, I got to know spooks via my friends on twitter who couldn’t stop talking about it, and when I came to visit one of those friends I bought series 7, later 9 and 8. I think I was intrigued with Lucas from the moment the pull the hood from his face. His character is just fascinating right from the start. I think my inspiration is mostly from series 7 but I couldn’t pinpoint a certain picture, it is all too fascinating to me. I think I know series 7 by heart almost xD.

After I had watched spooks I started looking for other films / series RA was in, but I have not been brave enough to post pieces of Robin Hood or North and South scribbling.

Fanny: We have discussed on twitter how you’re also new to classic English literature since you are from Germany – do you think that affects your writing/fascination ? I for one, definitely look forward to your scribbling of those other characters! As for the picture; Since tea is your favorite we need to find Lucas with a cuppa or a kettle instead of coffee 🙂 Might you recall any scenes?

Jule: Well, I hope that me reading more english classics affects my writing in a way that it improves my understanding and my skills in expressing myself and making fewer mistakes in my favorite language. You certainly learn a lot from reading & watching films in English.
Well, the only scene I can recall is when Lucas is moving in and the old lady presents him with macaroons. He says he must have a kettle somwhere but the lady takes “a wind check on the tea” it is a great scene, though the kettle never appears, sadly. But I like seeing Lucas in this “normal” situation. Sadly I can’t think of any scene where he actually drinks tea…

let me see if I can dig up my teakettle

Fanny: I can also only recall that Lucas scene! LOL How long have you been studying English now which makes your writing impressive

Jule: Well, studying is the wrong word I think, had it at school since I was 11, but I read english books early, around age 13 and watched films and stuff. I just love the language, can’t explain why, but it is beautiful and picturesque in my eyes.

Fanny: I do know what you mean when you love a language, it doesn’t feel like studying .. Hard to believe you started reading after two years of instruction! Was it easy then to have access to English reads?

There is a simplicity & flow to the English language (speaking & writing) but it took me a while before I found it relaxing to read.

Jule: I first started reading in english with books I knew in german and learned a lot with that, harry potter was easy to read, the hobbit and lord of the rings more challenging but I loved the originals so much more than the trabslations and muddled my way through… was not so hard to get the books, family enjoyed giving me presents of english reads. got better and now reading english as fast and easy as german except for classics as older dialects, words and phrasings need a. bit more concentration. But I continue learning and that’s good. It’s the same with films and tv series.

Fanny: Languages continually evolve – painfully noticeable as I speak my mother tongue less –
I have two more questions I’m asking everyone: what’s your preferred mode of writing: Pen & Paper or wordprocessing
What’s your preferred time of writing?

Jule: Hm, the first question is tricky. I don’t think I prefer one or the other. It depends on which situation I am in. I tend to write in the evening or during the night, so I would ususally sit in front of my laptop and just type away for hours if creativity lasts. However, if an idea hits me I will scribble it down somewhere on the first scrap of paper I can find. I usually write shorthand notes then, or write complete scenes or dialogues that will later fit in perfectly with teh things I have written before. I might even write down an idea or a scene that comes much later in the story and then just put the note somewhere and get it out again later (if I can find it again) 😉 to finish the scene.
Hope that answered all the questions you had. Was definitely very interesting answering all of them and thinking about it more closely. Hope you enjoyed the little exchange as well. Thanks! 🙂

Fanny: I sure enjoyed our little chat, thank you for taking the time; Meanwhile happy writing to you and happy reading to us. Please visit Jule on Wattpad : or on twitter

Tuesday, March 13th

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