In good company: FanstRA tagteamers!

A quick hello: No I have not been sleeping … like this angel below

FanstRA is short for FanstRAvaganza

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Now without further ado, Let me introduce, fellow FanstRA tagteamers:

Such admiRAble company!

A is for Armitage
An Obsessed Fanatic
C.S. Winchester
Cerridwen Speaks
Crispin’s Eclipse
Do I Have a Blog?
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life
Fly High!
Funky Blue Delphinium
I Want to be a Pinup!
Just Another Armitage Fan
La Loba
Me, My Thoughts & Richard Armitage
Melanie’s Musings
Mr John Thornton
Musings & Other Enigmas
Phylly’s Faves
Searching for MY Mr. Darcy
Something About Love (A)
y que iba yo a contar
White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts

Soon a daily gathering of sharing and chatter

Will you have coffee or tea?

Now I better get back to preparing my posts…

focus focus …

See ya next week!


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