Stepping beyond Tagalong joining FanstRAvaganza!

I thought I’d be a Tagalong and yes – pun intended! – its girl scout cookie season and this year is a BIG year!

The year of the girl got launched with much fanfare by Katie Couric

This past weekend we had a man buy a box of cookies for the girls – don’t you think that kind of generosity is something that would come from Mr. Armitage? Of course the thought that he would appear at one of our urban booths is rather breathtaking! 🙂

Well what I’m trying to say – I got added to the core bloggers and the honor is all mine!

Meanwhile be sure to LIKE the FanstRAvaganza Facebook page.

Follow on Twitter & use the #fanstRA hashtag

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A BIG thank you to Bccmee for the thematic graphics (Pun intended!)

When the party begins I’ll be adding links to feed the RA hunger – aren’t we starved??

I’ve spruced things up a bit around here, might have added a few wrinkles fine-tuning my knowledge of the WordPress features

Once I find my needle in that haystack...there will be bliss

I found what I was looking for!

Pictures courtesy of richardarmitagenet


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