Enigmatic Lucas North (Spooks) fanvideos

Lucas North appeared famously in Season 7 of British spy series Spooks. He hoodwinked us all 3 seasons long. I know for some its even painful to see anything related to Season 9, hence counting down the first 5 vids use S7 &S8 clips; the top 5 have spoilers for Season 9!

Check out JulietD001’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JulietD001 for more gorgeous Lucas vids.

As a musicfan and Richard Armitage fan viewing these vids are pure joy. Thanks for all the talent and time put into making these!! Love you guys!!

The music so often speaks for itself, i am curious which ones stand out for others …

10. Spooks (Parody or disaster) by JulietD001: since I’m a huge King of Leon’s fan it wasn’t too hard to love this. I believe this is her first spoof of Spooks and she nailed it! Her Robin Hood’s spoofs are amongst my favorite but I’ll save those for another time.

9. Spies by Lisa – the song says it all

8. Sweet Dreams by Manipenni – (not so sweet .. or is it?)

7. People are strange by DelicateBlossom – super song that covers the tone of Spooks

6. Time is running out by Spikesbint – this song by Muse is muted on YouTube – luckily i found it on Vimeo and aren’t they always running out of time on Spooks 😉

5. Lucas North – Fall Away by KatSw3 – Epic vid from an Epic vidder

4. Lucas North ‘The Water’ by JulietD001 – love this song and very poignant given Richard Armitage’s feelings about water

3. Sorrow by Bccmee – expresses all the fans feelings what happened to Lucas North’s character

2.Spooks – Secrets by utubeacct2008 – Lots of secrets as it turned out and OneRepublic is fantastic!

1. Lucas North – running up that Hill by MissHale78 – this young italian vidder does some great artistic work – check out “Hurricane” as well and love Placebo’s cover of Kate Bush’s song.


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10 responses to “Enigmatic Lucas North (Spooks) fanvideos

  • Jeannie

    I really enjoyed all the choices you made. I love parodies and JulietDOO1 has some of the best! Never a big fan of Marolyn Mason but I really liked the version of Sweet Dreams and the vid was a good match. I’m like you about music and vid. I like the Fray so that why I would have watched that one had I known about it before. It’s now in my Spooks playlist! Pairing up Lucas with a Doors song was a great idea. In short, I love your choices!

  • bccmee

    It’s fantastic to see your choices all in one place. There are a few I haven’t seen before. Wow, Lucas is so lovely.

  • Summer

    Excellent selection of videos!
    Spikesbint’s “Time is Running Out” was one of the first videos muted by YT and it is a pity this keeps going on and on….. It’s so nice she posted it on Vimeo and is available for download at Elvira’s site.
    How lucky we are to have so many talented vidders to feed our RAfanvid addiction! 😉

    • iz4blue/Fanny

      So sad about the muting on YT and luckily they haven’t the others that use Muse songs! If familiar with Elvira’s site I trust you’ve viewed all of Damaris’ vids exclusively there!

  • Summer

    Have to admit I haven’t seen all Damaris videos; but planning to, my excuse was that they’re not on YT 😉 but honestly between you & me that’s a very lame excuse LOL

    • iz4blue/Fanny

      Perhaps you didn’t realize you can view them there via WMP if you choose the AVI? You’ll enjoy those treasures. You’ll have to hunt around as they are per category and not author on the site. There is also a player that randomly plays stuff.

    • Riv

      Damaris’s newest Spooks vid ‘Getting the Runaround’ is great, it made me laugh out loud!

      • iz4blue/Fanny

        Thanks for the heads up! I got it ASAP but just checked it’s not loaded on my iPod *shock* so I must confess I haven’t viewed it yet!! *blushes* I am NOT on TOP of my game!! LOL don’t tell ANYONE!!

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