Porter and others

Porter and others

John Porter was a character Richard Armitage played in the Sky1 series Strike Back for more on his career check: http://www.richardarmitageonline.com/

First off check out the Queen of Porter vids: Bccmee’s YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/bccmee and her blog: http://fanvideos.wordpress.com

Strike Back’s HD quality makes this vids glorious for viewing apart from the subject J

I thought this would be easier having only 39 in my Porter playlist! No jiffy cutting it back to 5, I thought…

Those of you who do keep up with fanvids will miss some BIG fanvid hits.

I might come back to those later but I thought today would also be a chance to add five single minor character vids that deserve a shout out.

Generally I tend to go for those that stand out from the crowd.

The Others

Monet and Harry Kennedy are purposely missing as http://phyllysfaves.blogspot.com/ and Bccmee are showcasing some.

  • George Gently by Elvira Sweeney is very artistic in technique and music choice

  • Alex Track in Golden Hour: I Just Wanna Be Loved by BurnVillage (and we all want to be treated by Dr.Track 😉

  • John Mulligan – Your Heart is as Black as Night by Romana55 – this song says it all! The singer sweet voice in contrast with the lyrics 😉

  • Percey Courtenay in Miss Marie Lloyd – You Showed Me by GiztheGunslinger – LOVE the wickedness of this song which suits the character.

The Porter:

5. Mad World by Elvira Sweeney – this is a gorgeous eye candy vid but the song depicts so much more about the character.

4. John Porter – Have No Fear by Safy146 – shows the softer and finer moments in Strike Back and Richard Armitage; how he’s a true hero.

3. 24th by Campcurry – I’ve always loved this song and its perfectly used.

2. Seven Nation Army by GiztheGunslinger, love how she uses the beats of the music with special effects!

1. My Body is a Cage by Bccmee – this vid was my introduction to this song; obviously it struck home!

For the REAL big FANstRAfaganza check out the list of participating blogs:















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4 responses to “Porter and others

  • bccmee

    Wow thanks for featuring one of my favorite but lesser-seen John Porter videos. Your choices are excellent and I enjoy the work of all those vidders. Looking forward to more posts! Welcome to the blogworld!

  • Summer

    Couldn’t check your blog last night but here I am and looove you managed to post the vids!!! From one RAfanvid addict to another your blog rooocks!!!!! LOL
    Like your pickings, again so tough to choose. I love Elvira’s George Gently video, music and effects are awesome! Wonder why there aren’t more RD vids around, RA looks so hot as Ricky Deeming!!!
    Burn Village’s Alex Track video was the first Golden Hour video I watched, and really love the song.

    • iz4blue/Fanny

      Won’t you know, since I had viewed Burnvillage’s GH vid so long ago in the days before I knew how to DL from YT I discovered it wasn’t in my library! And RIcky Deeming has soo much rockabilly potential!!

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