Some Favorite RAmix fanvids

To use Mesmered’s word this week of FANstRAvaganza is a week of DEVOTION to Richard Armitage! This will be my second experiencing of it and I’ve cleared my calendar!

I share the love for fanvids with so many of you and I’ve been encouraged to share some of my favorites.

January 20, 2010 I downloaded my first fanvideo thanks to the fabulous Elvira Sweeney’s That one is my number 1 on this list and is still a big favorite to this day!

First of all, I have so many favorites, this process of even listing 10 is painful, hats off to ALL talented vidders out there! I am just a viewer, a collector…

This post lists my favorite RAmix fanvids; the name I use for fanvids that uses clips from all his characters, for when you just want to view his expressions without seeing the whole work!!

Without further ado I’m going to let the songs do all the talking! Be sure to give these vidders some love and check out their other vids!

10. Campcurry123 – Give a little Love: Tom Jones is just fabulous

9. vogonfanvids (Elvira’s Mac channel) – Endlessly : Just love this Muse song

8. HeathRA – Sexy Back 2 : now there is a showcase … of a song! do check out Womanizer

7. Damaris – a man who can .. : the one lady who never posts on YT thanks to Elvira I can stream this beautiful piece here

6. spikesbint – Too Lost : though “I want Candy” was a DL first, I’m just too much in love with this song besides doesn’t it say why we’re here?

5. vogonfanvids – Your Love is my Drug : So often the past year I come to cRAzy music because of fanvids 🙂

4. DelicateBlossom – Lullaby : showcases Mr. Armitage sweetness he brings to his characters

3. GiztheGunslinger – Filmstar : the song says it all …

2. Behind Blue Eyes – This Night : this song & vid showcases so beautifully the darkness & sadness of some of his characters


1. JamieR’s “all the above” Was my very first download and still a big favorite. Love how that punch hits the beat! (mobile viewer: Sorry! YT changed the settings randomly on this vid as I know Jamie gave permission months ago for mobile viewing!)


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